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Martin's i.c. Tucano

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Posted by Martin McIntosh on 14/03/2013 09:50:25:

Hi Ian, The black and yellow are Solarfilm Polyester and the roundels from Profilm, which is also polyester based. No adhesive is necessary, just wipe over both sides of each piece with a tissue dampened with water to which a few drops of washing up liquid have been added. You do not need a wet surface with polyester, more to do with removing dust.

With the iron set to very cool iron on each piece starting at the centre and working outwards to remove any air. Troublesome little bubbles can be pricked out. Set the iron to medium and seal round all edges.

This does not apply to the cheaper polycarbonate type of film which needs to be applied wet to prevent premature adhesion.

Martin, are all the roundel parts circles or is the blue one a ring? In other, do you in the middle have red-white-blue-white-black or just red-white-black?

regards, Lucas

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It`s flown! A small issue with aileron trim to start with but this can be resolved by moving the flap trim. Only one flight because I like to check everything inside after the first fright of any model. The ailerons are very effective and a reduction of movement will be required. Power is more than adequate on the 63. Someone took a video of the landing, which was uneventful, but it was only on a phone cam and I have not received a copy as yet. I did not try anything much other than a couple of rolls and flew it round on quarter power just to get the feel. Some pics of the exhausts:

martins i.c tucano 042.jpg

martins i.c tucano 043.jpgmartins i.c tucano 044.jpg

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The model is now fully liveried and with most of the tail weight removed was briefly flown again today. The high speed stall characteristic has now vanished. The dihedral reduction on this version seems to have worked since I managed to knife edge it from one end of the field to the other without much obvious rudder coupling, so no mixes required. Quite pleased now.

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