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Ever wanted to get into or improve your aerobatics?

Peter Jenkins

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The latest recommendation for my book comes in the November issue of KFactor (the NSRCA's newsletter) which has a report by the Treasurer who has bought and read my book and says that "It is a good book and definitely one to keep in your library."   The NSRCA is the USA's specialist aerobatic group and is similar to the BMFA's GBRCAA.

This follows a comment by the President of the NSRCA in an earlier newsletter saying he bought the book and wished he'd had something like it when he started flying precision aerobatics.
Andrew Palmer, who flies in the New Zealand F3A team, has also published a very helpful review of my book in his Club and the National newsletters.
You can buy the book (£19.99) or Kindle (£6.99) from Amazon (link).  I note that Amazon currently are promoting the book by reducing the price to £16.99!  I'm not sure how long this promotion will last as it is an Amazon initiative.
Alternatively, PM me with your address and I can send you a copy by first class post for £15.50 - that is if you are in the UK.  Outside the UK costs more for postage but I have sent books to New Zealand.
In the 7 months since publishing the book, sales have just passed 400 world-wide.
With Christmas coming into view, this might be a good time to drop a hint about a Christmas present or else get one for someone you know might benefit from the book.
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Just to let you know that Amazon's special price of £16.99 has now expired so it's back to £19.99 plus shipping if you are not a Prime customer.  The book is still available from me at £15.50 posted first class to the UK.  Other countries will require higher postage costs.  PM me with your country and I'll let you have posted price.

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In Dec 2021, at the GBRCAA AGM, the decision was taken to change the Clubman Schedule.  This has many new manoeuvres as well as being slightly longer.  


I am now well on the way to publishing Edition 2 of my book that will cover not only the new Clubman Schedule but also the Intermediate Schedule since a few pilots have decided to use the Intermediate as the first competition schedule they wish to fly.


I will post here when Edition 2 is available most probably by the end of January 2022.

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That is good news. Found the first edition very useful, just about got to grips with clubman then they changed it!

Looking forward to next edition and the inclusion of the intermediate schedule will be most welcome.


Thank you for update.



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As I mentioned above, at the December AGM of the GBRCAA, a motion was passed that completely changed the existing Clubman Schedule.  I took the decision, therefore, to update the section in my book for the Clubman Schedule.  As I had had a number of suggestions for improving the book, I took the opportunity of incorporating these suggestions.  I also changed the Practice Routines chapter as it was no longer much use with the new Clubman and then took the opportunity of adding a description of how to fly the Intermediate Schedule as an Annex.  A few pilots, who are more experienced at aerobatics, are now entering competitions at the Intermediate Schedule level, the next schedule after the Clubman.


This has resulted in the book increasing in size from 136 pages to 189 pages.  Unfortunately, this has pushed up the price but I hope you will think that Edition 2 is well worth the price.  The book is available on Amazon (link) and in the UK, the price is £24.99 for the paperback and £8.99 for the Kindle version.  I have had comments that the Kindle is not as good as the paperback as regards the diagrams so, please remember that.  Looks like Amazon are offering next day delivery with Prime.


Alternatively, you can buy the book from me for £15.49 plus p&p (£3 within the UK).  I will have to wait until next week before I get any stock so if you would like to buy a copy from me, please send me a PM with your address and I'll send you an invoice with instructions on how to pay.


If you have any comments on the book, please feel free to PM me.

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