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Why am i Chipping in ?

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My aviation background ? got none. It was fishing and rock concerts for me as a kid, Loved it, would do it all again if I could smiley

First model was a Keil Kraft Matador, wings folded because I used wrong balsa on wing spars. Built a lot of models since, always fly well but I chicken out on the detail, I really struggle with the scale stuff. So that's why I joined in the build, if the talent that's on here can't get me a WOW , i'm a lost cause.cheeky


p.s. I want a picture as well, but I can't make my mind up.dont know

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You can do it if you really want to, it takes time and patience and is very satisfying.

But I admit that most of mine look better at 50 feet in the air.

I have also found that the beautifully finished models with detail never fly as well and one is always more worried about them.

I have noticed that most people make a far neater job f my designs than I do.

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Still your designs though Peter, must be very satisfying to see them being built smiley

Iqon, I agree it's for flying, but I always stop short on the detail, I get stuck, this time I have other builders to ask questions of. Seeing how it's done in blogs is a great help.

I think I can up my limit Danny, I don't have to sit scratching my head on this one, I can ask questions. That's why I joined in, plus I like being involved.

One plane I have always wanted is the FW 190, my absolute favourite, I hope to learn enough to build myself a real good looking scale job in the future.

A bit of info from Doncaster air museum (who have a Chippie) 616 squadron South Yorkshire where the first Jet squadron, 271 squadron took part in D-Day flying Dakotas


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It's all about your own standards and what you're prepared to accept. If you don't like something or think you could do a better job then re-do it until you are happy!

Another point is how self critical you are. Do a bit then have another look at it later and see if you still think it's good enough. Some people are never happy and seek perfection hence 100 hr or more models!

Techniques and ideas can be stolen, er I mean observed, from the build blogs! laugh

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Posted by john melia 1 on 11/06/2014 00:23:12:

Totally agree john, and i take my hat off to the guys that spend hundreds of hours getting it just as it should be, but how must they feel if it goes in, all that work for nought.

Brilliant on a static display though where it can be admired close up.

Flying the model is only part of the exercise. For me and many others, the building is where the pleasure is, flying just proves it isn't an Airfix model. So yes it is painful to see all the work come to a grizzly end, but it isn't for nothing



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I suppose it just comes down to what you like doing the most, building or flying, i do enjoy building now and again, i still have the hurricane to build surprise but i mostly enjoy the flying and getting out with my mates and having a laugh, but, dont get me wrong here, i'm always in awe when i see a beautifully created scale model in all its glory, i would just be too scared to fly it .

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