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Jack Banner

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Hi folks.

Just starting to fit an engine to my Bullet after about a month of building.

How have most people held the engine to the mount? It's a built in cowl, can only get the mount on without the engine and hard to get nuts on the back of bolts to hold engine to mount.

Self tapping screws are an option but I've never been over keen on them.


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Posted by Bob Cotsford on 15/04/2020 22:30:53:

Chris, look three posts up from yours, nutplates screwed to the back of the bearer. Alternately I used to drill and tap the bearers. As long as you don't keep swapping engines this works on up to 90s.

Thanks Bob. Yep, saw that. So essentially captive nuts in on form or another in/on the nylon mount, job done?

I have seen this used before but I've never done it myself. I'll give it a go.


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From memory, I used a thin scrap of steel from somewhere, cleaned it up and soldered it using electrical solder that contains flux, and heated it all with a blow torch.

I found the 10x6 prop with a 36 size motor a bit under powered. I hadn't been flying too long, so it was probably just me!

I sold it not long after building it as I turned to the dark side flying helicopters!!


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