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Lidl XL Glider

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I have now finished the Hatch,

I did not have big enough magnets in fact i only had 3 small magnets.

So i hinged one side of the canopy with cyano hinges .


And used one nut and one magnet at the back and two magnets at the font.

I decided to go for a Nicad for power and weight.


And is now ready to fly the current AuW is 275g and my CoG is 65mm from the leading Edge.

I will have to take some weight with me in case i need to alter the Cog.


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Picked up two in Bicester the other day. Have added, not cut out, ailerons plus elevators and rudder. More work than meets the eye as usual. Just got to add the servos and linkages. Motor is a CF 2226-1800. Toyed with the idea of a four servo wing but did not bother. Pics later if it actually flies.

I really like those swivelling wings. May try it on the other one.

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Posted by Speedster on 17/06/2017 07:45:49:
Posted by Mike T on 16/06/2017 23:09:31:


Brilliant solution! Wing twist is the way to go!

Please advise - how far back from the LE is your wing pivot?


The wing spar is 85 mm from the leading edge


Thanks, Soren! yes

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Yesterday I was flying it for the first time in low wind speed and no ballast in low slope lift and thermals, and found that the CG at 55 mm was perfect.

On the pitcheron model this give good elevator control and the dive test was as I like a glider to be.

In high wind and with 100 gram ballast I flew it with CG at 50 mm and it was also ok, so I think I am pretty near now.




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I did get out on Sunday with mine but the winds where too light to get a decent flight out of it.

The model seems to be a bit draggy so this is not one for thermals.

And is probably well suited to strong wind slopes.

Anyone know where is a good place in Oldham to fly .


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I also took my two kids to the park with 1 Lidl XL Glider no mods and 1 Fox Glider to see how they compare.

The Fox glider flew well but needed extra weight to get it to fly well. and it was fast.

The Lidl XL Glider did not need any extra weight and flew very well and stable and at a nice speed but did need a good chuck.

We also tested the Looping feature on the Lidl glider and no matter how hard we chucked it we could only get one and a half loops out of it.


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Posted by Devcon1 on 20/06/2017 23:00:05:

12 ! What on earth have you planned for them, a joined up 12 ship formation possibly 😂

I thought I'd gone over the handlebars with two....

He is on the Dutch forum, claiming it's for a family gathering. He had to travel to 6 or 7 Lidl stores to get them.....

I made him aware of this forum thread, let's see what comes out of it.

Edited By Max Z on 21/06/2017 09:52:04

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Hi, Made a start on Mk2 with Tilting wings,

Ok 1st off cut out a slot for the servos.

mk2 cut servo.jpg

I made several cuts 1st,

mk2 servo cut.jpg

Then pulled out the unwanted foam.

mk2 servo wire.jpg

I used a brass tube to cut a hole through and pull the servo wire through.

mk2 servos.jpg

Glued servo in place.

Then measure the distance between the fitted servos so that i know what size the inner section of wing should be cut to.


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Ok next job is to cut the wings up into 3 parts.

mk2 cut wings.jpg

mk2 wings cut.jpg

I used 5mm Carbon tube and i managed to find a plastic tube to go over it .

I do not know what this clear tubing is called and the shop keeper did not know as well but i got it from blackburn models and it was in one of those spinning racks that has all kinds of brass and plastic tubing.

But it looks like a long Bic pen .

mk2 carbon joiner.jpg


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I cut the Clear plastic tubing up into 3x3" pieces and cut a 9" length of carbon tubing.

I then glued a bolt with a washer onto one end of the Carbon tube then slid on a Plastic tube then a washer then a Plastic tube.

mk2 carbon stopper1.jpg

mk2 carbon stopper3.jpg

mk2 cut hole.jpg

Now it is time to bore a hole into the 3 parts of the wing.

I used two CD cases one thin CD case was butted up to the wing which was weighted down.

I then measured 85mm from the LE and placed the second normal size CD case up to that point and also weighted down so i now have a square and level place to put my long brass tube which i have made as a cutting tool.

mk2 centre hole.jpg

Here you can see the Centre section with the brass cutting tube with the foam it has cut out which needed piano wire pushing down the tube to remove the unwanted foam. Also their is the carbon tube and it`s outer.


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