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Irvine 61 RLS and pipe

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A clubmate has nominated me to try to supervise the sale of some engines within our club and one of them - an Irvine RLS and tuned pipe - appears to be a rather specialised one aimed at pattern flying so I thought of this thread topic as it's unlikely to be of great interest to any of our members. The proceeds are to go to a cancer charity.

From memory of a quick glance, it appears to be unrun - no Irvine box but comes with what I'm assuming to be the original matched pipe.

From a little Googling, this is a modified Irvine 61 with a longer stroke, special (purple) head and large bore rear exhaust, designed as an alternative to the legendary Hanno Prettner Special and there see to have been several people looking for an example over the last year or two.

If it's of interest to anyone I can have a closer look and take some photos.

PM me if you're interested with an idea of what you would offer assuming it is actually unrun or in as-new condition.

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I wouldn't find it too suspicious, especially as Steven apparently left a phone number.

I'm afraid (or should that be glad?) to report that the engine found a new home across the pond and the proceeds went to Cancer Research via the old owner.

If you're still around Ralph, sorry I missed your qiuestion last year.

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