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Hawker Hurricane mk IId - JV-Z

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Hi all! Well, this is the start of my build thread for a mk iid Hurricane for the PSS mass build. I should come clean early, and mention that the parts I'm starting from are already well under way - I have the bits of the beta build that Phil and Matt put together to prove out kits, and fixed so many problems from.

So basically, mine might not look like yours!

I've gone for the mk iid with underslung 40mm cannon, as I think that looks far more evil. They will dropped before landing either via eflight release mechanisms (if space allows), or a pin-and-latch system if it doesn't. I can then also fit a couple of 3D printed 250lb bombs for the bombing comps too.

Here are a few more pictures for inspiration, actual model progress shots to follow laugh





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A quick check at lunchtime revealed that the wing is too thin for the e-flight release units, so an alternative will be drawn up today on SolidWorks that will utilise a single 9g or less servo to release the payloads.

Oh, found an actual real-life picture of JV-Z on t'internet:


Just goes to show how little you should trust the plastic kit bashers - their camo positioning is all wrong, oops!

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Some work at last on the mk IId.

Nose blocked up and filled, ready for final sanding to shape :


Top of the fus, cut to a straight line. Just getting ready to install another snake here :


A slight bow in the sides - this will be fixed with a sub former :


LE's and most of the TE's - well, the false ones anyway - glued up :


I make no apologies for the mess of the bench - it's like a Hawker factory in there at the moment, with the Hurricane, Sea Hawk and Typhoon all under construction, as well as glass work on the C17. Phew!

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Should be easy enough from here - there's not a lot of aircraft in this, thankfully.

Right then, so the addition of a web (as per Dirk and Harry) to allow the joiner some purchase, was added :


Here are some fus mods to take the extra snake, and a sub former to stop the bowing of the sides at the top :


The other tray :


I added the top sheet, then gave her a good first pass with the hand plane and permagrit blocks :


And now the extended inlet / filter housing. Sketched up on the plan, then transferred to lite ply :


Slots marked up then cut into the chin :


Test fit. Yep, GEFTS! (Good Enough For The Slope) :


Liteply blocked up with 1/2" sheet, ready for carving and adding onto the fus tomorrow :


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bit more tinkering with JV-Z these past few days.

40mm cannon pods - these started off as liteply centre sections, a shape drawn up from various views of the items on t'internet :


These were then blocked with 1/2" medium sheet and wood glue. Clamped up, then left to dry:


These were then planed and sanded to shape, and carbon tubes inserted to the approximate length of the real thing :


The good lady wife thought I was building a small pod and boom glider - close to it I think!

The tip panels have had LE's added, and ready to be joined up to the centre. For the best bond, I used Gorilla wood glue, and added a triangular piece of balsa to bond the joiner to the bottom skin :


Other panel next, then I can skin the centre section.

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Dont worry, it's still moving along! laugh

Centre panel skin on, tips joined, TE blocks being glued on with torque rods:


Some detail on the rudder (ribs and nav light):


Start of the wing fillet in 64th ply. I was going to do this in foam, but decided on all-wood:


Done! Soft balsa front and rear, blended in:


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Well, I started the glassing last night, and all went well. With any luck I'll get the glassing complete this week and be in primer by the weekend.

I'm sorting a few extra scale details in between epoxy curing, the first of which is a tail wheel. I drew this up in Solidworks, then printed it on my old faithful Up Plus.


Finished piece that needs a bit of tidying up before paint :


I'll attach this with either a small magnet on the top, or a press fit into a carbon tube in the fus.

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Lots of progress this past 2 weeks - wing and fuselage fully glassed and in primer, now it's time to fit her out and do some detailing.

Aerial masts and nose 'umps added:


Aileron servos mounted:


Some more printed parts - this time the exhaust stacks to my own design:


Gun pods and radiator magnetised mounts final gluing up:


Next up - cockpit fit out, some more detailing, then final paint. I might just make it!

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Hi Harry - thanks fella, there isn't a lot of info out there for shape, so some artistic licence has been taken!

Hmm, some photos seem to be missing, ah well. Bottom grey/blue has been sprayed, then masked off. Top surface sand colour has been sprayed and masked off. Time for the brown!


Fus same position :


Masking off :


Not long now. Decals and panel lines started this morning, so she is a bit further along than this, but give you the general idea :


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