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Hawker Hurricane mk IId - JV-Z

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Ta! I've done the wings too, but haven't got a great pic of everything together as yet.

Still need to :

Mount the nose lead; paint and mount the spinner; finished underside detailing and weathering; lacquer coat; install snakes; setup all linkages; install thread for radio wire between mast points; final balance and cry at the AUW blush

I've lost this weekend to parental visits too, so might struggle. I could be balancing and setting up the radio on the Orme...

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Harry - 4lb 6oz I think it was. Not too bad, not that light either.

Final fettering last night - 3d printed rear view mirror added to the cockpit :


Tailwheel and antenna wire added (sorry about messy kitchen shot, trying to find decent light to shoot in!):


OK, now she's definitely done. Bring on Sunday!

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I put a few more hours (well, 4 flights at this time of year) on the airframe at the PSSA NYE informal meet (which was a great craic as usual). Many thanks to Phil Cooke for capturing her in the air at last, I know it was challenging in the grey light we had.


I forgot to attach her tail wheel again blush

A quick edit to add : I never have been a great fan of the Hurricane, but the more time I spend on the sticks and see this one in the air, the more I love it. A solid little 'plane that is very aerobatic, holds plenty of energy through the turns, and feels very "locked in".  I even managed a single-handed launch in 28mph+ wind, with no issues at all - just a push out there, and up she climbs nice and steady.  No muss, no fuss.

A keeper yes

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Wish I had been there. I share your thoughts exactly about the flight capabilities Andy. My opinion was the same as yours after the first flight back in the summer.

As for the tail wheel, mine has stayed on even after a heather strewn landing. I think it is because the radiator protects it from damage - but yours is magnetised so maybe not?

Sounded a great day.

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