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What a sick world we live in

Paul Marsh

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Posted by kc on 20/05/2019 13:07:35:

It's banning caning in schools and now even smacking which has caused this general lack of respect for others. A little pain and lots of disgrace would help a lot to bring back 1950's standards at no cost.......

You mean Teddy boys intimidating people (and worse), fights between razor carrying gangs, cinemas refusing to show "Rock around the Clock" because of vandalism during performances...
In the the good old days of discipline instilling National Service.

There's been youths perpetrating mindless vandalism in every age even as far back as the ancient Egyptians.

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In my experience many people are not especially respectful of others property. If we ignore vandalism for now, just think of how rental cars are driven. Would you drive your own car like that? thrash the pants off the engine, not wipe your feet before you get back in, bash the doors around etc. I have seen the same with model flying and its why i dont let others fly my models as i have seen to many guys loose models they have loaned due to some need for the pilot to show off his 'skills' and attempt things he never would usually as its not his model so who cares if it becomes a box of bits.

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