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An Introduction to the PSSA 2020 Mass Build Project

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Chaps, when getting to the stage of sanding the planking, can I commend to you Andy Blackburn's excellent circular sanding tool, made of 2 pieces of cardboard glued together with sanding paper stuck to it. It makes the job so much easier and is a life saver. I used it on my Canberra. You can make one specifically to the shape of the curvature of the fuselage. Andy's explanation and pictures which I have attempted to copy and paste here are shown in this link.


I have described it also on my blog here - **LINK**

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Amazingly, we’re already 3 months into our Sabre build window - and models are well underway in workshops all over the globe!

Our event date is all set for the weekend of 13-14th June - so there’s still plenty of time to complete your build and to bring your chosen finish to competition standard!! We’re all greatly looking forward to seeing your models develop during this exciting phase of the project - ahead of us staging our seasons flag ship event on The Orme in June!

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Hi Andy,

Thanks a lot for your proposal.

But I really don't have much details regarding seat & cockpit so far as I want to get my fuse shape correct at the time.

At the moment, I only have some info/pics at the height of the canopy and nothing more. I'm basing my 'interpretation' on the measures from my plastic kit so far. Yep, I know you don't like those "CAD monkeys"- work... blush

Anyhow, I'm going to have only my driver down to his waist at the most.

Thanks again & cheers


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Hi All, thought I would pop this here, this magazine is currently on sale, got mine in Tesco, but I'm sure its probably in WH Smiths and other outlets. Its approx 160 pages of Sabre history and information. Its a good reference for lots of the detail needed in the build: panel lines, nose shape, tail shape and the tailplane/ fin rear fuselage shape! It covers all the marques including the Fury and Sabre dog. Plus its a good read!

( I think its availability has been mentioned in a blog - by John Tee in Tony's build blog, so apologies if this is a repeat).


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With the current situation around the globe our planned Mass Build event date is in serious jeopardy. In the interest of being able to run our seasons 'flagship' event at full strength with everyone in attendance, I am moving the event back from our June Fly-In to our September Fly-In.

So please now plan to have your Sabres complete for an event running 5th/6th September 2020.

We will stage the Mass Build competition on Saturday 5th September, keeping Sunday as a back up.

All event notices have been altered accordingly. Many thanks for your understanding.


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So this weekend 13th & 14th June should have seen us all up on The Great Orme, Llandudno staging our 2020 Mass Build Event with the NA F-86 Sabre.

mass build summary.jpg

Obviously the current situation makes this impossible - Wales is still on lockdown and it's been made very difficult with quarantine laws for folks wishing to enter the UK from abroad. As we’ve already stated our event will be pushed back to a date when all of this is better placed, either at the end of this season - or even into next.

So much dedicated hard work has been completed in readiness I thought it was worthy of note this weekend, had we run the event as planned. Over 100 Sabre kits have been produced and despatched by Gordon and Martin working tirelessly over many months under the G&M models stable name. Kits have gone out to meet orders from all over the world, indeed our event was due to have visitors from mainland Europe, the USA and even Australia! The model build has been fully covered in the magazines and the forum is a hive of activity as our global PSS community bonds over the common build journeys. We have a superb event logo with branded T-shirts on order and event prizes and trophies are all ready to go.


Covid-19 has impacted us all in some way or form, and no doubt has changed our recent priorities and focus in day to day life. I’m only aware of a handful of Sabres that are actually complete and ready for their test flying. Kudos to all who got their model finished in time! **LINK** Many others (my own included!) are mostly built awaiting finish in glass and paint. Some models are barely started.

halfbuilt sabre.jpg

If your ‘new normal’ allows, please keep working on your models assuming we will run the event in September this year. For now this is our best estimate. We will continue to review and revise this date pushing back incrementally as we need to. But for now - please keep your builds moving forward with September 2020 in mind. We are well placed to run our biggest and best PSSA event to date, and I’m determined to allow that to happen, regardless of when we actually run the 2020 Mass Build.


Thanks to you all for your ongoing participation! Stay safe and well, see you on a slope one day soon!

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Just had notification from Steve Davis at Vortex Vacforms to explain he now once again has stock of 1mm PETG material (following a forced break in canopy supply due to all the available material stock being aligned to the manufacture of NHS facemasks).

This means he can once again supply canopies for the Sabre if anyone here is desperately waiting for one to finish their new creation!

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PSSA Sabre Mass Build - 1st August update


As we approach being just a month away from our rescheduled Sabre Mass Build event in early September, I’m left concerned that the world is still so far from normal with the ever changing risk of further Covid spikes - both locally here in the UK and abroad – each with their associated travel concerns and uncertainty.

If we push on and run the Mass Build event as currently advertised (5/6th September), it will no doubt be effected by Covid and we will not enable everyone to travel and take part as they’d originally intended. After all the hard work, with models being built specially for this event all around the globe – I just can’t let that happen.

With everything in place for the event including event T-shirts and trophies I’ve decided to push the Mass Build back until May 2021. By then, I’m hoping that the effects of the pandemic will be much better under control and we will be able to stage an event to remember for all the right reasons, one where everyone who wants to attend can do so.

So please take this as formal notification that our 2020 Sabre Mass Build Event will be held now at The Great Orme in May 2021 – exact dates won’t be confirmed until early in the New Year.

Our planned September 2020 meet will still run 5/6th September but as a Fly for Fun event only.

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