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New FPV microcam/FPV cam 31 gms, water resistant

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I just tested the updated Firefly 2 Microcam from Hawkeye. 2.5k and 1080 60 fps video. records to microcard, plus FPV output. I flew it on my Dancing wings mini eagle, lovely foamie that looks just like a buzzard when it's in the air. I've had it mobbed by gulls sometimes when flying it! Video and test video is here.

Camera is £34 Banggood link

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Does anybody know of a free video converter?

The one i did the utube video will not let me do any more. Other free ones plaster a banner across the screen or dont work at all.

Failing that any suggestions to get .movs to work without stuttering on a PC (with very good video card!!!)

Any suggestions gratefully received

Cheers Dave

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Dave, Winff is a free video converter which will convert just about any videos format. It is a GUI for FFMPEG a command line interpreter that can do just about anything video related.

No adverts, watermarks or similar and is free. Only for Windows and Linux as far as I am aware.

Cheers GDB

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No worries Cliff. It's a good camera but I think the price has gone up a bit since I reviewed it.  Yes, £46

I had a good afternoon up at LH the other day when the rain stopped and wind dropped for once. Got my Lidl lightweight flying pretty well, though still has a tendency to climb to much with more than 1/2 throttle.

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