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Sabre made in Belgium

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The third one is situated more backwards all the way against the fuse former.I tested it with a pin punshing trough the skin. Close call here !!surprise



Next slot for the third port is not different from the rest.It's going better and better now !



Again no filler needed here,just a small dot on the 2nd exit,a smal piece of balsa went A.W.O.L dont know

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Hello all ! Another item cleared from the ''to do list'' as i finished the left side gun ports. All went well and very little filler was needed.

They seem a little to big for this scale but once you have chosen the diameter,there is no way you can alter the lenght. Once all is painted they will look smaller because the paint will cover the black of the carbon tube sections


In close-up :


That's all for today folks ! The canope and cockpit is next...

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Hi all,

Yes ,THE virus is only streets away now but that didn't stop me from working on the sabre!

I did slow down a bit to catch some lost sleep , last week ,and sinds i'm well on shedule i'm planning a well detailed cockpit...

Can anyone figure this out ?Only thing missing is the seat and some other bits....idea


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the CG on the plan is at about 165mm back from F4. It flies well at that setting but felt somewhat nose heavy to me.

The prototype now has the CG set to 172mm back from F4 and it "feels" much better for my flying style at that position.

That gives you a bit of a safety margin with the seat/canopy on or off!


Edited By Martin Gay on 04/03/2020 08:33:02

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@ Martin : Good to know Martin ! more testing !!

@ Andy : Can your dogs find lost objects ??

While waiting for my seat,there's not much worth posting other than some ordinary led's serving as nav-lights. I glued them in before glassing because i'm afraid to lose the wires after

I left some room to protect them with a piece of heat shrink tube while putting on the fabric and while sanding



After everything is painted , i will glue a tiny O-ring arround the led's to lose the gap


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