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XFJ-2 Fury: F-86E Modified for Carrier Operations

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Martin, I just plain screwed up! Indeed I remember you going to considerable trouble to clarify that little typo and now I’ve gone and resurrected it! Sorry about that! I owe you one there.

I wish this forum allowed us to edit and delete at will. But I can at least reiterate:


If any doubts, just look at the airfoil section on the G&M plan -- it is clearly of 1/4th balsa laminations, not 1/8th.

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SO THERE I WAS... minding my own business, immersing myself in aliphatic, quietly communing with The Monolith, when THE EXTRATERRESTRIALS arrived. They wanted to "probe" me, I respectfully declined, recommending that they try a normal human instead. They said they'd consider.

Close Encounters.jpeg

Overhead photo courtesy the MotherShip.

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Thanks, Chris. Working off a 3/8' tempered glass tabletop, all gluing so far with Titebond aliphatic.

The clamps have been asking me about yes/no to an operating rudder, flaps, air brakes, slats, and so on... and all I could think was "I need to keep this one simple" and but at my age what I will REALLY need is an onboard OPERATING PILOT RELIEF TUBE EVACUATION system!

They also leaked these secret NAA photos of the very first liftoff of the XFJ-2; this happened on 27 December 1951 at NAA Los Angeles Division's adjacent Los Angeles International Airport. The great Bob Hoover at the controls.

XFJ-2 756 Maiden Launch at LAX 27 Dec.1951.jpg

XFJ-2 756 Maiden Launch Maiden at LAX 27 Dec.1951.jpg

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Thanks, guys! I've been clamping the wing jig to a very flat and sturdy 1/2" thick glass table top with good results thus far. The clamps also have helped me forcibly "tweak" the jig to align properly with the rib positions et al. I'm using hard balsa for the spars and the false LE/TE strips. Gluing with Titebond "Thick & Quick" and Titebond II.

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