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The slowest Tucano build

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Had a bit of a break - my last comment on this forum was 2016 - so it is time to write something. Didn't build anything since 2016, but I was flying, with the odd little hick-ups, everything small enough to be repaired. Nowadays I have more time, have been kicked out of my job as a 60th birthdays present. Found myself something else, but part time only. So I looked into the corner of my workshop and found the unfinished Tucano. Motor and servos in place, wings and fuselage ready in balsa. Thought I put it together as I also have purchased a decal set having a weak moment. I am pretty sure I am the last one in the 2013 mass build... But here we are. Not yet completely ready, I have to wait for the wire to form the undercarriage.

dsc_1242.jpg dsc_1243.jpg



Will send another picture when the thing is ready.

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Good to have you back Vecchio and it looks well finished. Really like the colour scheme and should be easy to see in flight.

I have a feeling that yours may not be the oldest MB build (I have an unfinished model from 2016).

All the best for the maiden and please let us know how you get on.

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Posted by Vecchio Austriaco on 12/07/2020 17:34:45:

Had a bit of a break - my last comment on this forum was 2016 - so it is time to write something.

Welcome back! I know I'm not the only one on here that was wondering where you'd disappeared to!

The Tucano looks good, it's always been a plane I like. I built an i/c powered one from the Chiltern Models plan/pack - must have been 20 + years ago!


I must build another one day!

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It took 11 years to get mine finished. Started it and when electric flight was expensive and not very good, I was going to put a .25 glo engine in it. Gave up then threw it in the corner.

One day, decided to build it and did make it electric as lipos and brush-less motors are cheap and powerful, compared to 600mah Nicads and 600 size motors...

Flies well.


Edited By Paul Marsh on 13/07/2020 18:31:16

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Nigel Hawes Tucano actually flew very well on NiMhs with a decent geared sp600 sized motor, but the design came in just as the first affordable brushless outrunners were arriving from Eastern Europe and before lipos were readily available. The smaller Tucano flew very well on a direct drive sp400 too.

Just before the lockdown, I picked up a venerable Tucano in that black and yellow RAF scheme which was a very tidy looking bargain. When I got her on the bench I started taking out the geared Fanfare brushed motor, but then thought again and put it back in, thinking I#d just give the model a try with that combo and lipos. I wasn't disappointed , the model is beautifully "balanced" in performance and very similar to my AXI 2820/10 powered version. I plan to keep the geared powertrtain in this one.

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@ John and others who wondered where I was - well I didn't escape because of Brexit, but some may know I have also another hobby. Model Railway. I built a show layout which I could show in Milton Keynes in February, I should be next weekend at Railex NE (Newcastle), which had been of course cancelled. There are also other planned events, we will see what will go on and what will be cancelled.

vecchio 02 2020.jpg Here with a more civilised hairstyle (before lockdown)

If anybody is interested, here is a link to the build thread.

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