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Cocklebarrow Farm 2021?

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Hi John 4 of them were mine the rest are my flying buddys we had 11 models that day all in the back of the VW estate bit of a squeeze, flew them all except one the Playboy, my Astro Hog was given to me as the previous owner thought it was fuel soaked only took a couple of evenings to sort out flies really well it currently has a ASP 61 in the front other engines include SC 91 four stroke and a Merco 61 all capable of towing the large glider in front of the collection.

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In the words of Max Boyce “I was there” - one of the best day’s flying in a long long time - but HOT!

Smashing atmosphere - flew my Junior 60 and my Scorpion (both Lipo powered) several times through the day, hardly any queueing 

to get in the air.  Roll on the next meeting, and I hope the SAM meetings are as relaxed as Cocklebarrow, must try at least one of those this year ( & maybe Old Warden too? ).

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