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Sand n Seal

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I'm currently working on a CNC 6mm Ply wood tray for a transmitter. (By the way, the kit arrived from a German 'cottage industry' dealer, within a week of ordering and no additional charges now we are not in!).

In the past, I've used traditional sanding sealer on wood, (balsa and ply), prior to painting. This time I thought I'd try DeLuxe Materials 'Sand n Seal' as it seems more socially acceptable i.e. I can apply it indoors, without the 'pear drops' smell of sanding sealer and brushes easily cleaned in water.

Anybody used this product? How many light coats did you apply to fill the grain? When painted, happy with the results?

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IMHO won't touch the stuff (if its the water based version), tried it out on a bit of balsa sheet compared with the "solvent" based before committing to the model. The water based version made the balsa warp/twist and it never went back to its original flat sheet. The solvent based version didn't move at all.

For the risk of setting a twist up I'll stick with a smell for a short period of time.

But each to their own.

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Hi CK,

I'm with Chris on this, I have used it on balsa and it warped and twisted what even made this worse was I used Poly C, which is also water-based, and every coat I applied just seemed to make it worse. Fine on ply though, am like you, I opted for the socially acceptable approach as my workshop is in the house.



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