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Waterslide decal printing.

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Jon, I have not done this in ages but a technique I have used involved gummed label sheets, and spraying several light coats of varnish or using Letracote spray, such that you don't wet the gum adhesive. Then inkjet print onto the sheet or paint by hand your design followed by a couple more coats of varnish or Letracote spray to seal it. If inkjet printing make sure coats of spray on ink are very light so ink does not run.

You can get a suitable spray like Letracote from a number of art shops.

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Thin water slide paper printed on with good settings and then sealed with cellulose lacquer work very well and you get no bleeding of the inks and the edges cannot be seen. once placed on the neck you can  lacquer over them and then you see no edges or do what Fender did early on and not lacquer them and they dont look as neat,If you need help i can do.



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