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What is the word on the street as to the current best buy in available FPV goggles for a newbie to FPV (but not model flying) in 2021?

I appreciate price as ever can be a big factor.

I have a 'ZOHD Drift', their KoPilot unit with a VC400 camera on its way (I hope, a fast boat from PRC!)

Would like video record facility and a good operating duration but nothing too complex.

Just dipping my toe(?) into FPV to see if I like it ... and ...of course when we eventually are set free to go out and play again!

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Have a look at Eachine EV100s. I've tried a pair and they are light years ahead of the ones with a single screen. I struggle focussing close up and get severe eye strain with the single screen ones. Not with the EV100s. I might get a pair for myself depending upon whether I get the urge to fly FPV again.



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3 hours ago, Ron Gray said:

First question is do you wear glasses? I do and found that the goggle type were no good for me but the box type are with, imo, the Fatshark Scout being one of the best. 

Ah but the EV100's have built in dioptre adjustment, so you can use them without glasses and adjust them to suit your eye sight. This is how I have adapted my box type to suit my vision. This is 2 pairs of reading glasses permanently fitted to allow me to focus on the screen. The problem is that you need to go "bozz-eyed" to get both eyes pointing to the image in the centre of the screen, which causes be severe eye strain.

When I tried a friends EV100, there was none of that once I adjusted the dioptre and eye spacing. The only slight issue is the size of the image as explained in the video. Well worth trying a pair.

Some of the lads who fly at my local park use a single screen type but it uses mirrors to extend the eye to screen distance and they report that they are better than the straight forward box type that I use. Don't know what make / model they are though.





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