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F3-RES X-Dream Build

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So I'd thought I'd try and document the build for this model. Please be aware this is only the third model I've built so please bear with me.


So I thought I'd start easily, with the rudder & elevator these are all on one laser cut sheet for ease



Next up is the elevator parts laid out and pinned down, all parts are numbered and shown on the plan.20210222_102810.thumb.jpg.842ff28ca781f376438c6e1939ff9b92.jpg

Elevator all glued and pinned 


Next up is the rudder which is done in the same manner 20210222_100639.thumb.jpg.cab7c8e821f9cf3c251856580352ef64.jpg


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6x3mm pine strip glued to the flat edge of the lower leading edge sheet with the help of some tape to keep it flush on the underside( so the small lip is on the inside).


Next I sanded the trailing edge taping 12mm in from the trailing edge & sanding and tapering it down to about 1-1.2mm, black Mark's to show the masked off area.


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Next up are the leading edges and heres where I made a mistake, there should be a 2mm false leading edge attached to the end of the ribs which is made out of the edges of a laser sheet see pic


The slats on the left & right are the false leading edges for wings A & B.

I mis-took the 2 x 4mm leading edge's (pic below) as being the only one's so these were glued in and shaped per the instructions 20210223_164537.thumb.jpg.fa37f4b5d5f70ebcf4c4dcb437869920.jpg



So I'm not sure on what to do, or even if it matters ?. do I try and fit the false edge on to the outside ?


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If I understand you correctly, the LE that you've already glued on to the ribs should be the outside one?


If so, then you have two options:


Either buy a bottle of CA debonder and remove it, clean-up then glue the correct inner one (false LE) on, followed by the correct outer LE.


Or leave the 'wrong' glued on LE where it is, cut a clean piece of balsa of the correct section and apply that to the outside, then shape to section.  (Obviously if the false LE is the correct section, or at least the correct vertical width, then just use that.)


Your photos aren't entirely clear as to what is exactly intended by the designer - however  if the second easier option above changes the wing-profile, then definitely take it apart and do it correctly as per the first option above; if it doesn't change the profile and doesn't look like it'll have any effect on the strength of the wing, then go for the easy second option.

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20 minutes ago, john stones 1 Moderator said:

It deeper or something James, was top sheeting to butt up to it ? If not, can't see that it matters.


I assume the 2mm is there to strengthen the leading edge, just had a re-read through, the planking gets cut flush with 2mm then the 4mm goes on top to create the profiles edge

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So a little bit more, the aluminium tube/wing joiner roughed up and put into place with abit of left over pine stripping to cap off the end of the tube20210224_100255.thumb.jpg.d81c349ec7b59ca56a3209d20640dc18.jpg

Note the tubing protruding out the end of the rib this will slot into the middle wing rib later, these are know glued with epoxy (not shown).20210224_100305.thumb.jpg.d227f984ad56c5f24ef247b3e4cd957a.jpg

The next step is optional in the instructions but I've decided to do it, which is creating D-boxes on the 3 central rib sections (both sides)

20210224_122722.thumb.jpg.538ce8b9d58e01b014233d4318e5ca4a.jpgthese were made with leftover 2mm balsa and glued & trimmed to shape.

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So some more progress on the inner wing.

Not the slight recess on the top of ribs A4 this is to help locate the back edge of the top sheet


top sheet pinned & located in the recess on ribs A4


top sheet pinned down


top sheet being glued to the ribs from the underside.


top sheet glued from inside using super glue and long canulas. I'm sure there's a better way but this is how the instructions recommend.20210224_144311.thumb.jpg.1224b5c4ab6e8483ef3200fb6b705605.jpg

top sheet all glued down any excess gets cut/sanded away flush to the false leading edge.20210224_145247.thumb.jpg.7bd54341e942cb686999cc9514c76af0.jpg

Next the bottom flap stop gets fitted and glued, note the two lengths of 3x3 square balsathe plan and instructions show you need 4 but there's only 2 in the loose materials so 2 had to be fabricated 20210224_162435.thumb.jpg.51f3ad171d00353222c004b576441d91.jpg

The flaps are on one sheet with the end stops attached to the flaps which need cutting off & glueing to the ribs ensuring there's 0.5mm clearance all around the flaps



Lastly the centre top sheet is pinned down & glued.


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Pic shows the flaps/spoiler fitted with the magnets and washers recessed not sure as yet how to hinge them fibre hinges or tape.20210226_093547.thumb.jpg.969519b07c1f341ae66a02164c51f71a.jpg


Next I tidied the outer ribs and fitted the leading edge 


For reference the Pic below shows leading edge, false leading edge glued against the ribs 

20210226_093625.thumb.jpg.2cdd9bb32f67cc2ba18a2a66ce881cb4.jpgapart fron some shaping which will be done later when the other wing sections are finished the central wing is done. ( phew that was challenging).

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So the start of the next section of wings which is 2 middle sections marked B. Both will be done at the same time on the plan. The building sanding sequence/order is the same as for the main section.


All the parts for layed out for the left side wing.


First glue the lower spar to the trailing edge of the bottom sheet



Then put the rib spar down and place the ribs. Noting the angle of the inner rib @ 5° and the outer @ 6° 


Note the rib spar does not go all the way to the last rib


Use the template marked B7 B8


20210226_120049.thumb.jpg.8d535e57d53f109bb5235039f82ff405.jpgalso the trailing edge is offered up to the plan making sure it all aligns before glueing20210226_123921.thumb.jpg.95d6aa3d99c334b11acc36d9954683ce.jpg


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