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Engine for Maxim

John Minchell

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I have a 72" span Maxim model which used to fly with a 20cc fourstroke glow motor - YS / Yamada or something.

I aquired the model without servos or motor. 

I wanted to put a spare ST2500 in it but with 6x standard 60g servos and a motor weight of 1.2kg it will put the OA weight to 5.3/5.35kg which is over the limit for your UKCAA competitions.

Does anyone know the weight of say a 120 ASP or SC or some such similar 20cc 2 stroke motor (with and without silencer) which I can get hold of easily (money is tight too, so likely second hand) and with some 30g servos I can squeak under the 5kg limit?


TIA John M


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It’s in a ARTF 90 size Stick. Weight is about 4.5 kilos. It looks like I’ve got an APC 16 x 8 fitted, can’t be absolutely sure without taking the spinner off, 

The airframe came to me second hand. It had previously been fitted with a Supre Tigre 2500, what was a constant pain to the previous owner, so I sold him the ASP to get some reliability. It has a lot more authority with the ASP. Unlimited loop size, constant speed. 
Are you planning to fit as is, or on a pipe?

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Thanks Don - dunno what I'll do yet, it depends on what motor I can find at the right price etc. 

As I say I have a brand new in box Super Tigre 2500,but it's way too heavy.

As long as a good 120 or 108 2T will fly the model, then hopefully I can find something cheap but a good runner.

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