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Treasured memories

John  Tee

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A Futaba 5 wire servo with linear movement.


Massive and heavy. Part of a Ripmax/Futaba Digimax 5 channel set.


The slightly alarming feature was the Tx had a mains transformer in it so you plugged in a 240V mains supply to charge its battery! Thoughtfully the same transformer could also charge the Rx DEAC. Remember them? 

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Didn't SLEC do servo cases with linear and rotary output options that were used by a variety of manufacturers and kits?  I'm sure Skyleader offered a similar servo.

My Horizon 8 also had the mains transformer in the tx case with a flylead for charging the rx DEAC packs.

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Those Harry Brooks servos originated with Micro-Avionics in the USA, IIRC. Manufacture was then taken over by Brand Microprop in Germany (I think) which is where Sprengbrook got them from.


The grey ones were 4-wire servos with a discrete amplifier, and needed a centre-tapped battery pack. The red ones used an IC amp and only needed 3-wires (ne centre tap).


I have a set of each, along with the receivers and Tx. The Tx still works well, and I have no doubt the Rxs and servos would if I provided them with the appropriate batteries.


The HB Precision radio was basically a kit built Sprengbrook. Kits were a way of avoiding Purchase Tax (predecessor to VAT, and a LOT simpler!). If something was "educational" (ie: a kit), it was tax exempt. You could even buy a Lotus Elan as a kit and assemble it yourself, making a substantial saving in cost!



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On 02/05/2021 at 08:17, Kevin Fairgrieve said:

I have these from "back in the day!"


I have many times contemplated putting a modern plug on one to see if they still work.



The SRC1 servos had interchangeable top casing moulding to change from linear to rotary. Just undo the case screws and swap the tops over. In linear configuration they had very limited throw but it was nice to have the versatility. The conical spline for the rotary output was ok until the screw comes loose. It is exciting when it happens on a single central aileron servo!

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