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Another numpty nominates our hobby for the Darwin Award...

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On 21/03/2022 at 14:06, Brian Cooper said:

Frankly, the entire thread should be removed. . . His videos bring our hobby/sport into disrepute and nobody will ever have anything complimentary to say about the bloke. 

Agree, it should be closed. We should remove the publicity for him

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The recent post on the BMFA FB re a a young lad with his face slashed open by a drone being flown in a public park really drives home the impact that a rogue pilot can have. Not just on our hobby but  real  physical impacton  innocent young bystanders. 

While this is allowed to continue our collective reputation will sink even lower. 

Numb brained fools on YouTube continue to fly over property being nosey , one in particular under the guise of an "** Audits" and even the police seem powerless to stop them . He even flew oround and posted ariel shots of a prison and was still allowed to walk away after being detained by prison personnel and the police.

No wonder the guy in discussion above does just as he wants 

The real worry is that when the authorities sit up and take notice they will slap even more draconian rules on all of us .

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For balance, better to leave the thread. It gives a fair representation of the collective thoughts of this end of the hobby as to this idiot’s actions.
If removed, our views get removed from public sight. Would a neutral onlooker then conclude we stand in a neutral corner on the issue?


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