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Trying to buy a Durafly Tundra

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1 simple repeat statement to you G.

Fly your flight sim with your Transmitter for 20 minutes per day for a month

Or more intense if  you wish

And you will have advanced to basic left right up down, at the right time, in order to be able to take your undamaged model home from the field.

Get a flight sim

More importantly, use it

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Thank you Caveman, just what I was looking for. will order one now.

got to break this long learning cycle.

Dennis: The time I spend on this thread would be better spent on the SIM!



So much for speed, the seller has closed his ebay shop as he is on holiday!

Later then.

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They're about £3 more but here are some alternative sources for the dongle kit:


USB Flight Simulator Wire Dongle For RC Helicopter Aeroplane RealFlight 22 in 1 | eBay


22 in 1 Durable Flight Simulator USB Wire Dongle For RC Remote Controllers | eBay


22-in-1 USB Flight Simulator Wire Dongle For RC Helicopter Aeroplane RealFlight | eBay


Strangely they are all in Bristol (?) so probably the same supplier. I'd buy the cheapest!


Incidentally I would ignore the programs  on the CDs, just download Phoenix from the link I posted earlier - I've read reports that they have the potential to carry viruses, although the ones on my CDs haven't. 



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Nothing is simple for me and electronic transactions!

The first place i went to said he was on holiday, so the ebay shop was closed. Got this message after trying to pay for it.

So, bought one from the first seller above, no probs.


Now the guy who was closed and on hols wants me to complete the order...I've ask him to can cell my order having explained the circumstances. We will see.


Taxed my Skoda on line this week, did it all, payment etc only for the Gov.uk site to say the transaction had a problem and no details would be taken and to try again later.

5 mins later got receipt from Gov.uk saying tax paid, everythings ok, thankyou.


hope the download works easy!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Positive day today at the field.


I bought a Phoenix SIM a few days ago, and after a frustrating time loading it up and using the dongal I must have spent an hour or 2 'training' on it.

In sessions about 10 mins at a time and after umpteem times crashing everywhere, this morning I felt I was getting somewhere.

So, off to the field where my buddy box friend would be along with the usuals and a few others.

The sock was vertical.

Sun was gentle with some big clouds and it was dry.


I flew the plane with M buddied-up and used 4 batteries with a good 10 mins break break or more between.

I think I am actually a natural aerobatic flyer the way the plane moved at times, BUT steadily got smoother and a bit more adventurous. Noticeably, M was say less and less...

Last battery and going round steadily I had the plane corrected after the turn before M said anything.

What I hadn't realised was M had not taken over for about 2 mins!


Time to come in while there was power and M bought the model down with grace as ever.



To pop the cherry on the cake another member, new to me, had bought along his Junior 60. With a fresh 4 stroke and to say it flew with charm and certainty would be a unjust comment.

It looked just great, reminded me why I was going through all this work.


Weather and a motorcycle clutch will stop play on the field this week, but looking forward to more next week.


Getting there.

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My last but one post I think, but progress today. Missed flying last week to see a friend from school days who has been woken-up to the model plane thing...

Went to the field today and with my Buddy link helper did 3 batteries in a blustery sky, maybe gusts to 10 mph with a 5 mph backdrop.

Still, all went well with noticeably fewer instances of my Buddy taking over.

Did lots of laps round and square and felt i was really getting the hang of things esp leveling the wings at the right time of a turn, keeping height and generally not panacing.


Had another plane in the sky with me which was a distraction, but that is life on the field.


As a treat I was allowed to take off twice which adds so much more to the progress, dread the time I'm allowed to land.....


A fellow modeler turned up with a new pre-owned model, and what a beauty it is. Flew well too and very stable, oh so nice.

Last post will be when I can land without damage which might be 2022 at my rate of leaning, but feeling good so far!

The simulator has really helped.




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Mid Novenber, and just back from the field.

Misty start, then low cloud/mist, then cleared up well enough to fly. It had been some weeks since a flight which went well, so with my buddy all linked off we went, just 3 of us there, so lots of time.


It went well.

My plan was to Take off-fly-Land. 


Sounds easy when you can, but landed a treat 3 times after some nice figure-of-eight flights and nothing broken!


The simulator has help tremendously, but no substitute for stick time, but more importantly i felt ready for this day.


so very pleased. The plane has been great, stuck back together a few times (undercarriage) and snapped a carbon wing tube, but no more.


All the radio has worked, and the 3S batteries give about 4 to 5 mins in the air coasting around. The plane looks a bit battle scared close up, but flies so well.


Well chuffed gents, and just had to tel you all..sorry!


2021 nearly done for, but so looking forward to 2022.

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Might have flown my last day of 2021 today.

Just me and my buddy tutor on a boggy car field, but the flight strip was wet but ok.

A 1,000,000 curious sheep can to see us.


Managed to use 4 batteries down to about 30% with a horizontal sock, about 6 mpg and gusting.


Take-off were good, bit steep as the wind lifted the light plane, but flew round and round, figs of 8 and then a landing.

It came down a treat, no bangs or bounces, no testing of recent glued repairs, and NO buddy interventions.


2 and 3rd flights the same though the gusts were tricky close to landing, but corrected and survived, plane intact despite a bit of a bounce (or 3).


So, the end i think (might try on thursday) to my first year as a rookie.

Nearly 60 years between my last flight (control line) in the village park to facing the real challenge of R/C.


It has been brilliant, hard at times, but when it all works, what a great way to spend time, so pleased I finally got to get going again.


I have learnt a lot and have many to thank including all the help here on this site.


I wish you all a Happy Xmas, and a Very Good New Year full of smooth landings no matter what.


IMG_1330 (2).JPG

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  • 2 weeks later...

Tis I, the missing 911hillclimber!


Oddly had the incline to visit this great forum for a 'nose' around.


I hope 2022 will be significant for 2 things:


I get more help from Martin on perfecting things with my Kingfisher. Take off and flying (round and round) is ok in my head and skill set, and some good approaches and landings at the end of 2021 were good, but need to build on those. Martin is the perfect tutor.

Would also like to do less gluing on the Kingfisher.....

I feel very positive towards this.


To fly on appropriate days my BB Buccaneer. I really want to fly this wafting along at tick over (so to speak) while the Club's wizzz kids race frantically 100 feet above me.I sill have the lovely Stoll which won't take much to get going, some new rubber bands and a Tx program for it.

I don't feel inclined to fly it for some reason, but with some nice BIG wheels it should be a nice plane even with the smaller wingspan of the 2 designs.


As said, I've had a torrid time rebuilding my hillclimb Porsche engine for the Lola but it all runs now after considerable effort, time and skips of money. Will be tuned on he rolling road soon ready for the first event last week in April.

I managed to 'upset' my right shoulder during this engine game (rotated cuff something) and a little lady in Kidderminster is stretching/mauling/eaing me back into shape.


Overall, model planes are SO MUCH EASIER!


The Lola Porsche engine:



_DSC0038 (5).JPG

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