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Electric Power Train For Peter Russell's STOL.

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I have been teaching my mate Frans from Belgium both how fly and how to build. We've built a Junior 60 together from a Ben Buckle kit but now he's building a STOL by Peter Russell off the plan. https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/stol-mkii-plan/ He's making a fine job of it too! 


The model has a 52" wingspan and originally flew with a 3.5cc two stroke glow in the nose. It's very lightly built. The fuselage is made up of 3/16 sq balsa.


What electric power train would you recommend for this model? Lipo, ESC, motor and prop.

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It would be worth checking the actual span of the STOL plan being used.   Original plans stated 48 inch span and measured that but later printed plans came out at 52 inch.   Those people who took part in the Mass Build some years ago mostly built from the larger plan.   I suppose it might make a bit of difference to the power required.

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I actually have one of those original Stols. 48" span, simple rudder/elevator/motor R/C.

I bought it built and flown well in 1986 and converted it with the help of many on here to electric, but never flown in electric form.


imho I would contact George at 4-Max with the model's details, esp the span, and ask him for a matched package.


I did this for my new BB Buccaneer and the result is superb.

Good luck, nice looking plane when done.



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George did not spec it, the contributors to the RCME forum did, but here are the details:

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive D2830/11 1000KV

ESC: Turnigy d/lux # 30A

BEC 5.5V

Peak current 30/40A

Battery Turnigy 1.3 1300 mAh


As i said, have never flown this plane but the physical size of the motor looks a bit small to the airframe.


This is partly why I used4-Max for the larger Buccaneer and the proportions of the motor etc all look better to my eye.

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I have this motor and with the right prop it should pull (up to) 250W on a 3S LiPo. I would have thought that it would work perfectly in the STOL which, with it's lightweight open structure and flat-bottomed wing section does not to need to be over powered. What is the weight of your Stol Hillclimber - 2.5lbs?

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