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Business Rates Assessment

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Yes, after we put a container on many years ago, planning permission for the container obviously brought us to the council's attention. However, as the floor area is small for a container we get small business relief at 100% so effectively pay nothing. I can not comment on if rental of the land affects the business rates as we flew from a sheep field for free st the time.


And yes, it is business rates because the flying field is not a domestic property.

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Rates are payable on property. Sports clubs (e.g. CASC, community amateur sports club) are eligible for rates relief. The local authority also has discretionary powers.


I doubt this has come 'out of the blue'. Find out what interactions the club has had with the local authority.

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Hello RW.  


I used to work in the business rates dept for a local council albeit 23 year ago


The advice above is spot on.   The local authority has a legal obligation to assess the rateable value and the amount payable is calculated from that.


But then they can apply a discretionary 100% relief to the club.  It’s quite a straightforward form to complete 


things like if the club are accessible to all the community and don’t make a profit etc etc all count in the applications favour 




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