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Seagull Extra 300 S 61 - 75 size

Vecchio Austriaco

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Extra 300S from Seagull



The model has been flown a few times, it was my replacement for a Graupner Extra 300 of the same size (for those interested see my old thread Extra 300 S ARTF with different design).

The model never crashed, I had a few deadstick landings but was always lucky to be high enough to bring it on the strip. The model comes with 5 digital servos Spectrum DS821 and one Hitec HS82 MG (throttle). It has a on board glow system from S.M. services, as the engine is mounted upside down. This helps to keep it alive at low revs. The of-on switch is a power box digi switch, I used a 2 cell 1800 LIPO for the servos and receiver and a seperate single cell NICD for the on board glow.

The engine is a P.H. 91-4 stroke, it is identical to the 91 magnum and is a chinese copy of the OS 91. The engine has lost compression and needs either replacement or a proper service.  There is an Extra like double exhaust (the same as I used on the old Graupner Extra - see thread) pointing to the ground. The plane keeps pretty clean during flight. No oily wings or similar. There is a quick fill glow fuel valve on the side of the fuselage.



1809706608_20210704_134442(2).thumb.jpg.aa54491cff8646bcc95119b430c437c7.jpgThere is no damage to the plane except 3 small (less than 3cm) repairs of cracks in the foil on the underside of the wings (which you cannot see on the photo...). 



Inside view




The digi switch



 I ask for 250£, with the model you get 6 servos, 5 of them are digital, an on board glow switch, a quick fill fuel valve and a digi switch.


I am located in the Milton Keynes area.


Why do I sell this plane - well our airfield is closing due to housing activities, my alternative field does electric only.

Looking forward to your response/pm's








20210704_134228 (2).jpg

20210704_134341 (2).jpg

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