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Prop Saver Mounted to Prop Adapter

Chris King 3

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Hi, I hope someone can help with a question about using a prop saver.

I'm just about to order a Pinata from Crash Test Hobbies and they sell a prop adapter for a rear mounted motor.

My motor of preference (Airmax 2836/1120kv) has a 4mm shaft but also a 5mm prop adapter bolted to the front of the motor.

My question is, is it OK to mount a prop saver to a prop adapter (with the shaft cut to size of course)?

That would be my preferred configuration because mounting direct to the shaft would mean pushing the shaft through the motor which I want to avoid.

I can add pictures if this isnt clear.

Thanks in advance, Chris

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The shaft sticks out the back of the motor through the motor mount you can see above.

To mount the prop saver onto the shaft I would have to push the shaft through the motor so it sticks out the front where the prop adapter is in the picture. The prop adapter is held on with bots.

The problem is, I dont want to do that so want to know if the prop saver onto the prop adapter.

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