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How to install Gold Warrior Sim?


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Getting started in R/C and have bought a dongle 'kit' to get going on the PC.


It is the Gold Warrior SIM, XTR G7 Aerofly Phoenix RC VCR

The kit has 2 discs, A and B. and a see-through 'stick' to plug into the PC. plus a few cables.

I want to connect to my Spektrum DX6.


My problem is there are no installation instructions at all. (why is that!?)

So, can anyone on here please give me a sequence to follow in simple terms so I can 'plug n play' this sim?

Thanks in advance, Graham.

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1st set up a channel on your Transmitter to use the sim.

This is separate from your flying models.

Once set, and for future use, you transmitter is switched OFF and comes on when plugged into the dongle.

The transmitter should always be fully charged or high battery reading.

Make sure all connections are compatible, as after loading the discs, you find you can't plug in.


To help installation, can you list your computer and system and transmitter and does the dongle have a label on showing desired switch position


Also, the installation instructions are on your disks, so have a look there.

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Thank you Dennis.

My PC is Lenovo running V10 Microsoft, tx is the Spekrum DX6.


There are 2 discs, A and B, nothing on them to say why/what they do.

Have found on the net some instructions, but does not mention A or B. but starts with V5.5 and describes upgrades to V6.


The 'stick' that goes into the USB port is pale yellow, see-through and has no other identifications, but the side slide switch has 4 positions and the stick is marked correspondingly, Pos 1 is Phoenix RC, 2 is Aerofly, 3 is G5/6/7, 4 is XTR

There is a single push button on the adjacent face unmarked.


Going to load disc A and see what happens....

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Ok, thank you both for helping me.

Here is what I've done/get

Open Fire Explorer, click DVD drive, get a prompt to install a disc.

Install DVD disc A and double click.

Get the Gold Warrior 'page' menu with several options to choose, choose Reflex XTR (as it is written on Disc A).

It quietly loads after about 45 secs.

Remove disc A and insert disc B, double click as above, select Real Flight G7 off the short menu, loads in 45 sec ish.


Remove disc B.

Go to the PC desk top to look for FMS symbol, nothing BUT there are 2 Sheild symbols at the bottom of the tool bar which have highlights of orange both going on and off as if something is happening. the desk top screen has the FMS page on it and can only be cleared if you click on one of the flashing shields and cancell it.


That's it.

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Moved the SKY shield to 18 which must surely be ok for this thing?

Tried almost randomly to get further, ended up being asked what company I worked for.


Everything to do with R/C is a barrier, amazed anyone does it!

Maybe just best to wait for good weather and try to fly, lean the hard way, less frustrating (almost)

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Whilst I agree that anything computer related is shrouded in mystery, terminology and terms and expressions that make learning mandarin seem easy, there are plenty of ways to find out what you need to know. Let Youtube be your friend; there's a tutorial on there for everything, but you need to be patient and try to get a grasp on what is being said or the temptation to prod away will get you in a mess.


Whether this presents you with more or less frustration than 'learning the hard way' only you can say. It will however, almost certainly be less expensive and result in fewer wasted trips to a flying field.


I'm afraid our hobby rewards the patient. As someone who loves building, the early stages of learning were enjoyable for me. It would have been a different story had I hated fettling balsa wood. And much of the causes of that were my impatience and therefore the ongoing disregard for the good advice i received...



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Might have made some progress.

I now have on the desk top 3 icons. None work.

Reflex Model Flight, RF7 launcher Simulator.

I am prompted to enter the serial number of the CD I have. It will not allow these to be entered.

Thus, no further forward really.

Disc B took 23 minutes to load, and Disc A 13

I have looked on google, did that before i started this lot this morning.

Could not find much to help in that one video was 33 mins long.

None seem specific to this system, so many pages shown bear no resemblance to what I have.


Perseverance is the order of the day.

Going to un-install the lot and start again.

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After watching your other thread I bought one of these but had done nothing with it.

After seeing this thread, I thought I would have a go. There are "instructions" and help files on the CDs but they are in Chinglish and need a fair bit of "interpreting".

Plugged the cable into the yellow dongle, set the switch to 'Aerofly' (I already have an old licenced copy of Phoenix installed on my PC and didn't want to confuse it) and plugged the dongle into the PC. Got a blue/white LED.

Put disk A in drive. It may autorun, if not open File Explorer, click on 'This PC' and then on the CD/DVD drive. If it autoruns, fine, if not it will show a list of files on the disk and you need to click on autorun.exe

You should get this



Click on English Menu and you should get this




The Help button will give you some Chinglish help files which are a bit hard to follow, although they make a better job of explaining in English than I would explaining in Chinese. Click on Simulator Launcher. You will get the flashing shield on the taskbar (it relates to a window which is hidden behind the window shown above. Click on it and you will be asked for permission to proceed. Do so and you will get a message saying the launcher is installed and there will be a Launcher icon on the desktop. Double click it and you will get this




If you have a different sim selected on the dongle it will show that one instead of Aerofly. It will also have put a small blue and white aeroplane icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen (you may need to click 'show hidden icons' to see it. If you right click on the icon you will see a list of all the different sims, and once they are installed on your PC you will be able to select which one you want to use.


I then clicked on 'Install Aerofly', again clicking on the shield and granting permissions etc. Yes it does ask for a username and company - it won't let you proceed without one but if you just type any letter in the box it happily lets you carry on. Once installed I plugged the cable into my switched off Transmitter (with a newly set up standard aeroplane model memory selected) and double clicked the Aerofly icon that had installed on the desktop. It started up and I then worked through the menu items to calibrate the transmitter controls. I had the reverse some of the controls and assign them to the correct Spektrum channel order (TAER), but then it just worked with default model and scenery. More playing around with options to do, plus loading the other sims.

The 'cheat' serial numbers to get RealFlight and its addons to work are printed on a lable on the disk cover, and in the 'help' files on the disk.


Hope this helps. Given the time it's taken me to type this you've probably sorted it out by now.



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fantastic in every way.

out of frustration turned the lot off and something sensible that I understand, a classic car magazine.

I have never connected the Dongal!

will try again over weekend following your help.

Silverstone tomorrow and classic cars, should refresh my temperament....

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If you remember in my reply ref. dongles and flight sims I advised you to ignore the CDs and install Phoenix from the internet. The reason I suggested this is precisely the problem you've had!!


If you're not computer savy these CDs are a minefield, and don't forget the programs on them are rip-offs.


Concentrate on a reliable, supported product (Phoenix) and forget the others and remember that you're trying facilitate your learning to fly, not to increase your computer knowledge.


Good luck and enjoy Silverstone 😃

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And i would suggest in further keeping it simple do not bother with the upgrades on that website, only install the 

"PhoenixSim 5.5 installation files HERE. Size 1.5Gb. (MD5 950f1a2d8550f7835ac90c4d611620ae)."

The upgrades/additions on this page will make no difference to you getting flying on the sim. The primary install file has all the functionality etc you need.






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As promised, I just uninstalled Phoenix, then stated the install again.


1. Download V5.5 from the link Dale provided (if that gives an error message, V5.5 can be found here: Phoenix Simulator Downloads – RC-Thoughts.com ) 

2. Extract the zip file (I extracted to a folder called Phoenix on C:)

3. Open the folder created at 2.

4. Run setup.exe, it will probably launch Phoenix (if not, manually start from the icon/Windows menu) 

5. Make sure switch on dongle is set to Phoenix

6. Put dongle in USB port; wait a minute or so whilst Windows the dongle

7. Insert the other end of the cable into your transmitter

7. Press the big button to the top right of Phoenix - 'Start Phoenix RC'

8. Follow instructions to set up you transmitter

9. Enjoy 

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