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How to install Gold Warrior Sim?


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This is getting silly.


Tried everything suggested by you all, and the nett result is No Hotlinking even if I go to RC thoughts site direct on the net.

All his links return No Hotlinking.


My pc is protected by Kapersky.

It is provided by SKY and I have the 'rules' set to 18 years old, so surely that is ok for this lot?


What I do have is the right click on the RC thoughts link resulting in it being on my PC in 'my PC' but when I open it...no Hotlinking.

Going to try the CD's again.

Have cleared the home duties deck now, so fully focused!

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@911hillclimberThat's apparently to do with the security settings in your browser........ I've used my link successfully on Edge, Firefox and Chrome. Using Dale's, I need to right click and open in a private window.


If you have installed from the DVD you bought, you should be able to navigate to the Phoenix folder on your hard disk and run the sim from there.......  

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Hillclimber, manually type the following into the the search bar of your browser, this usually right at the top of the page NOT into a search engine like Google.




This should bring up the rc-thoughts website. If it does then download the PhoenixSim DVD installation file for version 5.5 NOT the updates which follow.


Please try that and let us know what happens.

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Good luck hillclimber, computers are easy when you know how, sometimes you need someone sitting by your side to show you how, but they usually type so fast it's like trying to watch a flying fly !


Write stuff down else" forget" what you did just like me !


I find computers so frustrating/infrurienting...

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I've managed to crash my Trainer 12 times so far!

Actually have an icon on the desk top and I'm now struggling with the set-up of the computer trainer I've selected. Computer descriptions are it is easy to fly...

However, I have tried to fly from a farm yard which looks like the field I'm using.


My current issue is getting the controls to match the Tx Mode 2. I think it is on mode 27 as nothing is where I need to to be, but this will be trial and error in the main, and the next task.

I have not used CD 'B' that came with the dongal, David does not mention it in his post on page 1 that I have followed.

What is DVD B for?

 THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH for getting this total novice this far, i have learnt a lot, struggled even more, but getting there.


Hamilton is leading the Grand Prix so all the much better of a day!


Now, just got to get the throttle to lh stick instead of the elevator control...

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Good news!  Once you have had a 'play', I'd recommend setting some goals so it doesn't become a game..... e.g. "I'm going to take off smoothly, not yank it into the air", reset, repeat; I'm going to take off and do a clockwise circuit", reset, repeat; "I'm going to do an anti-clockwise circuit", reset, repeat.......... etc. etc.   


Then, when you can consistently take off, fly circuits in both directions, and land with no damage, on the strip, look on BMFA website for 'A' test syllabus - you may not intend to take the test but it has some 'must know' things and skills.....

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Yes, good advice as ever.

When i was in the 'air' and going round doing some involuntary aerobatics I had that, oh no, how do i land this now feelings.

Thought it was going well out into the long grass, but must have been a harder landing as the plane broke to pieces....

Always good to have a goal though.

My first is to shock my field buddy Martin as he does not know I'm cheating!

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