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OpenTX Voice Warnings


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Hoping someone an help me.


I have an Ultrastick with 4 wing servos on 4 separate channels. Switch E controls three flight modes:

  • Normal (SE up), low throws, separate ailerons and flaps
  • Acro (SE centre), flaps are coupled to ailerons
  • Landing (SE Down), low throws, ailerons and flaps act in butterfly/crow mode 

Switch B controls flaps, behaviour based on flight mode:

  • Normal, standard flaps at 0% (SB up), 50% (SB centre), 100% (SB down)
  • Acro, flaps are coupled to ailerons, SB has no effect
  • Landing, ailerons per aileron input, no flaps (SB up); ailerons up 25%, flaps 50% down (SB centre); ailerons 50% up, flaps 100% down (SB down)


These mixes all work nicely and do exactly what they should do. Where I am struggling is setting up voice alerts. I'd like the  following but am struggling using special functions and logical switches ....... (if I need to use LUA, I'll happily toddle off and learn that!).


SE up, SB up "normal mode, flaps up"

SE up, SB centre "normal mode, half flaps"

SE up, SB down "normal mode, full flaps

SE centre, SB up "acro mode"

SE centre, SB centre "acro mode" 

SE centre, SB down "acro mode"

SE down, SB up "landing mode, flaps up"

SE down, SB centre "landing mode, half crow"

SE down, SB  down "landing mode, full crow"


Currently, I have separate WAV files for each element, but can easily stitch together combos - thanks Audacity!  


Any ideas ?  Not causing me an issue, but it'd be nice. 

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