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Mystery mustang?

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Hello all, 


I was given a foamy P51d, and I am trying to track down which it is. Span is about 36", plywood battery tray and the only identification I can find is that the elevator servo is branded "top gun" which I think is a cml brand? 


I also got a parkzone umx Su26 with no transmitter. Do I need a specific one or can I bind it to my Hitec Eclipse 7 tx? Also has no battery, but that looks like a specific one. 











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If the Mustang has blue canned outrunner motor it is definitely a Flying Legends . A mate and I both bought one from the RipMax stall at wings and wheels some years ago. They were being sold off cheap, due I think to a misprint about the number of servos or similar printed on the box. Good little flyers. The electric motor is a nice little unit . As it spins a decent sized prop and has no external moving parts to catch any wires etc, it also has a built in fan to drawer through it for cooling . Flew on a  3s battery but can't remember what size . I still have the top of the box pinned to my workshop wall (Aero Art) looks better than bricks🙂.

Mine turned to confetti when messing about  doing aeros too near the ground. The ground won☹️.

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