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Really enjoying your build Earlybird. I was recommended the Rhapsody by Peter at the start of the year after building the Ballerina (which I loved) but then went away with work for the past 8 months so only just getting sorted again. I got a plan enlarged to make it 70" as well since I think it would look even better and really grab attention at that size, especially with its elliptical wing.


Definitely high up my to-do list so thanks for starting a thread. I had noticed when i looked before that there were very few example out there



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Thanks Gary,


Destiny is on my list and my thoughts are to enlarge to say 70" for the same reasons. It will also be my first plan build, if I can use my Saito  FG21 that would make it my first non electric build.


That's next years winter build challenge.🙂

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I did see one for sale on Ebay many years ago.It was quite local and I was tempted to buy it but didn't as I still have mine.

A 70" span version would be spectacular.


I suspect that many people do not believe that a high wing model can be just as aerobatic as a low wing one.  They want to see my Peggy Sue and Peggy Sue 2 in action.

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I can also vouch for how nimble Peggy Sue 2 is, B schedule no problem! However, for a truly spectacular sight the Sig Rascal (mine’s the 110” version) takes some beating. I converted mine to 10s power and it is fully aerobatic but does everything with so much grace!

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3 hours ago, Peter Miller said:

I suspect that many people do not believe that a high wing model can be just as aerobatic as a low wing one.  They want to see my Peggy Sue and Peggy Sue 2 in action.

I can vouch for that. The flick roll rate on Peggy Sue is rather alarming, to say the least...


As was landing it with the flight battery hanging out after I'd flick-rolled it free from it's mount!


She's a gentle lady until provoked. Much like Mrs D....

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I created a template of the apple cheek by tracing off the plan.




and spent a day working out how to make it. Decided to make it in two parts with the join at the cowl, the vertical line above.


Cut and glued some wood this morning and glued them together to give this




and fitted.




some shaping required but next drill the ventilation holes through the ply sides, how many and what size?


More in a couple of days, as I need time to think 🤣

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Enough thinking so started drilling vents.








realised the shape would be close to the join so added triangles made from scrap.




then roughly shaped and dry fit as some adjustments may be needed.




Planking 😲




Two bits well it's a start.

A good day as all went well after the couple of holes in a bad position. They are covered so no problem, even at two feet. 🤣


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All morning adjusting the fit of the cheek as I thought it stuck out too much. Then finished the planking on the side.




a bit of rough sanding as I went along just to make sure nothing was wrong.


Turned out surprisingly well,



Turn round and repeat. Getting cheeky? 🤣

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Nice job with the planking. It can be quite time consuming but ultimately satisfying.  I had to plank the bow and stern of my Thames sailing barge hull.








Then decked with a sheet of light ply with score lines for the deck planks




I really must finish it some time but there's nowhere local to sail it.  I bought the complete kit from Traplet with the CNC parts, 4 huge sheets of drawings and a DVD. As it turned out the hull formers were wrong and I had to bodge it to get the chine straight.  The reimbursed me for the whole amount so it's just cost me the 3mm balsa for the sheeting.

Sorry for the none aero modelling comment but sailing is really just 2D flying 🙂



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