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Cambrian Elan 100" Glider


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After returning to the flying fold, I wanted a build that my Grandson could watch take shape and hopefully want to get his hands on the flying sticks, so I chose the Cambrian Elan 100" traditional build glider (but will add a small motor as I'm miles away from a hill).


This is the latest version they are selling, so not old stock from a shop, and having at some point thrown away my old building board, I've rushed out and got a new bit of plaster board, so we can make a start.



Can't escape Covid these days and even the kit makers have been hit with the normal stock outages, so first job is to open the wing ribs for the slightly larger brass wing tubes.




I knocked up some wing rib gauges on my 3d printer to keep the ribs vertical




Added all ribs and checked and double checked everything was in the correct place and added the top spar.




Finally added some fishing weights to hold down the front sheeting




And we are off and running with the first of the six wing panels almost complete

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Hi Graham

Following your thread with interest. Somewhere in my schedule (no 178, I believe) I have one to build which I intend to electrify same as yours.

Could you let me know which motor you have used?

Done a bit of research and most found the narrow nose made fitting a motor problematical, but your seems to fit with space to spare.

Did you widen the nose at all to fit it in?



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