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SAS Blob

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Hi Guys

Anyone remember the old SAS Blob slope soarer? Had a couple in my time, huge fun with a 15 engine up front.

Anyway, long time back (try February) I got in touch with a company called NJR modelling, who were planning to re-introduce the SAS range and put my name on the waiting list for a Blob.

In truth I'd actually forgotten about it when I got an e-mail out of the blue to tell me they were ready to ship.

So, got one coming. Anybody else fancy one, look here.

Only question is, when I got the e-mail, Nick said shipping was included in the price. When I came to place my order I found an extra £12.50 aded for shipping.

Got an e-mail in to Nick to clarify this, will let you know.


Got a quick reply back. What he actually said was shipping was included in the PROCESS. Odd choice of words, which I misread to mean included with the price. My bad.

So, if you want one, expect to pay £12.50 for UK shipping on top of the kit price.


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Yes, I still have custody of a Blob, nominally built by my teenage daughter (she’s a 45yr old mother of two now!). It only gets to fly occasionally but does perform surprisingly well. 

I also have a 34yr old SAS Thing. Well-flown but again a surprisingly good flyer.

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Great models from SAS (Alan Head) back in the day - mid 70s perhaps a bit later. Had a 'Thing' and 'Ace' which was a sort of Middle phase clone with a deeper fuz. The real heyday of our cottage industry of kit manufacturing, shame most of them faded away.

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Hi Wilco

Not sure if there ever was a plan for the Blob.

Ir was originally a kit from SAS (Soar Ahead Sailplanes) and came with pre-made foam wings and pre-cut parts, so a plan would not be necessary.

However, I have just received my kit from NJR modelling, and won't be building for a while, so any dimensions/shapes which would be of use to you, I can trace from mine.

Let me know


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3 hours ago, Matt Carlton said:

... I believe a kit called a Scherzo which I don't think was around for very long? 

You're thinking of the Schizo, it was a bigger version of the Blob, actually I think the Schizo came first. It had mid wings that plugged into through the fuselage piano wire joiners. The aileron servo was fuselage mounted with external linkage to the ailerons. IIRC it was about 48" span. I built one but joined the wings & lowered them a little & mounted the servo on the wings using internal linkage. The wing span of mine was reduced by the fuselage width. I also did a few other mods like having a non swept fin with a working rudder.

IIRC I bought the Schizo wing kit & fuselage plan with building instructions as well as an SAS Ace wing & fuselage plan at one of the shows.

I still have the Ace plan handy, it shows a reduced scale GA drawing of the wings & fuselage mods for mounting an engine, which may be helpful for ditto with the Blob. I'll scan or photograph the plan's nose area & post the result when i have time.




The modified Schizo.

BTW it was a really nice aerobatic sloaper, must get around to re-building a new fuselage around the still surviving original flying surfaces.          

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I see that the NJR website also offers the Mirus kits.   Peope have searched for years for the Mirus!  At almost 80 pounds for the 25 size and almost 90 pounds for the .40  they seem pretty expensive to me  for small and simple models, especially if shipping is 12.50 pounds extra.   There are those who have wanted a Mirus for a long time so I expect they will sell well.

Regarding shipping cost it would be worth asking or using their website to see if 2 or more kits could be shipped together to save cost.   It's the sort of model that a clubmate might want to acquire the extra kit.  

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Yes please, the blob.


I have a pair of unmade wings and pattern for the fuz for the skitsue ( wrong spelling )  so making another one ( my original still good but has "pateena" as they say in the trade ) will be easy.


A plane for the blob would be good, built up wings or foam ?


No rush...

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