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Savox SC 0252 servos. Suitable for a 1/3 Scale Mick Reeves Sopwith Camel?

David Davis

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Tucked away in my workshop for the past five years is a Mick Reeves 1/3rd Scale Sopwith Camel kit. It doesn't belong to me, it's the club's property, the original owner having died and bequeathed it to the club. https://www.mickreevesmodels.co.uk/~mickreev/Bipes/p2bipe.html It's too big a project for me alone but there are some tidy builders in the club so I am going to ask for volunteers at the AGM to build parts of the model,e.g: one man builds the fuselage, another the top wing, a third the taiplane etc. We have a spare Zenoah 62, which used to pull our glider tug, which could power it. If we don't build it, I expect that we will sell both the kit and engine.


I am currently building a Galaxy Models Mystic to be powered by a Laser 155. On the advice of Steve Webb Models, for the first time, I am fitting Savox SC 0252 servos to the elevator and ailerons. These are metal geared standard digital servos which are excellent value for money, 10.5kgs/cm at 6 Volts.  https://www.savox-servo.com/Servos-c-1338/Brushed-Motor-c-1340/Savox-Servo-SC-0252MG-Digital-DC-Motor-Metal-Gear/


Would the same servos be suitable for the Camel if we were to decide to build it?

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14 minutes ago, Jon - Laser Engines said:

I have some 252's in my warbirds on flaps as those big barn doors need a bit of muscle behind them. I would say the 252's are well over what you need for the mystic and probably even overkill for the camel. While the camel has large ish surfaces and large ish deflections its not exactly quick 🙂


Cheap enough though at less than £21 from Steve Webb's. https://www.stevewebb.co.uk/index.php?pid=SC0252MG&area=Servo

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