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Sloping North Norfolk, East Coast?

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A buddy and myself fancy a bit of something different for slope soaring so we're thinking of heading to the coast. We're in North Cambs so can anyone recommend any sites say from Hunstanton round to Mundesely area, or even Suffolk for good cliffs, please?

I fly an M60 or 2.7m Odyssy and my buddy flies a Wild Thing or ASW 28.


Might even put fishing rods in too.

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Slope soaring in Norfolk for obvious reasons is a bit limited but try the cliffs at Hunstanton in a NW wind. Head towards the Old Hunstanton side of the town beyond the old CG/Lighthouse. Hang gliders use this site and it as a busy area for walkers and dogs so caution is needed. The cliffs at Mundesley/Trimmingham/Happisburgh can be good where there are open fields behind. Beware the cliffs in this area because of the erosion and risk of collapse. 


West Runton between Cromer and Sheringham above the car park can be good but walk a little way towards Cromer to get clear of any people. Again coastal erosion is a risk. There is a cafe here. if you have a lightweight sloper try the dunes between Sea Palling and Waxham which can be good in light winds but a limited landing area. Avoid Winterton and to the west as there are 100s of seals and their pups which are protected despite people getting too close to them. Suffolk has cliffs running south from Dunwich but access isn't great and there are nature reserves. 


It's not great soaring but possible in the right conditions. Hope this helps.

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