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Ben Buckle KK Falcon.

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Well, at last, after 16 months in the build, my KeilKraft Falcon from a Ben Buckle kit is complete!

Today was a calm day at Greenmires, our North Yorkshire flying site, and so a fine day for a maiden...


I was somewhat worried that take off would be skittish, due to the very forward undercarriage, but it was really just a pussycat!

The model weighs 8lb 5 oz, no ballast required with the cg at 130mm, just 5mm behind the plan cg.

Engine is an OSfs56a, turning a wooden 14"x4" prop. Took off at half throttle, and spent most of the flying time at 1/4 throttle.

Eventually tried a few aerobatics(!!), it loops reasonably, barrell rolls interestingly🤔, but the stall turns are excellent!


A few pics, with many thanks to club photographer Nigel Castle...



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Wonderful Steve.


Your pictures have persuaded me to get me to get mine finished and  ready for the next flying season.   I started mine quite a few years ago  , ended up being distracted on other projects  . I have also been able to find a NIB OS fs60 open rocker to fit into this (hidden in a tea chest from a house move some 30 years ago).


So thank you for the timely reminder.

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45 minutes ago, 911hillclimber said:

Just caught up with this plane.

What a real cracker! And it has a pilot, nice change.

Makes me look forward to 2022 when I hope to be competent enough to fly my BB Buccaneer.


The plane looks really good, an inspiration to a newbie!.


You are probably already competent enough to fly the Falcon Hillclimber, after all, it was designed as a free flight model so it will be very stable. I wouldn't advise flying it in a wind though!

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Hillclimber, the bloke who built that knows the structural limitations of the airframe if he looped it, and still had it after the loop. A loop done without wing stress is not as easy as it sounds.

It is easy to steer round the sky, but,

1. it weighs half a stone or so, it has energy to dissipate.

2. it’s a free flight model, loops were not in the designers mind. 
Lovely thing, but know it’s limitations before you pile half a soul of hours into making one.

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