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Black Horse Mohawk OV-1

David Ovenden

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I recently picked up an unstarted Mohawk kit from someone thinning down a huge stash of ARTF kits. 

The kit, as supplied, has a steerable nosewheel but no operational rudders . Even though it has 3 fins. So I decided that needed to be remedied. The kit specifies 3s lipo power. I opted for 4s 3700 lipo with lower kv motors. We shall see how that works out. The model is ready to go now, just waiting for better weather. Hopefully Saturday will be test flight day.

Mohawk front.jpg

Mohawk rear.jpg

Mohawk tail (2).jpg

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3 hours ago, David Holland 2 said:

I’ve had one for some years and decided, like you David, that it needed some rudder. I just modified the central fin. Flies ok but is a bit tip-stally so needs some speed. Looks good in the air apart from the fixed gear. Don’t fly it much and it’s not one of my favourites.



I may need to try and introduce some washout into the wing tips. Its an open structure so may be  able to use my iron/heat gun to shrink in a couple of degrees at the tips. Still, I'll try it out first. But thanks for the heads up.

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Well today I had 4 decent flights with the Mohawk. It needs a shade less downthrust on the motors. The 9x5 props don't load the motors quite enough so will change up to 9x6 for the next flights. 

7 mins from the 3700 4s packs with 60% left at the end. So potentialy 10 mins on this setup. Less with the higher pitch props of course.

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Had the opportunity to fly the Mohawk again yesterday. It is much better with the 10x5 props (replacing the 9x5 which didn't load the motors enough) In spite of the new set-up drawing more Amps at full throttle, 9 minute flights still left over 50% in the battery (3700mah 4s) I assume as I could fly most of the time at lower throttle setting.

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