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Connector for wing with multiple servos

Andy Joyce

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On 30/11/2021 at 18:03, MattyB said:


If you buy a Multiplex model you'll see in the instructons they often show a 6 pin green connector being used on a lipo. Why I'm not sure - it must be more long winded to solder and it can't have the same contact area as a dedicated power type plug (XT60, EC3 etc) has (they are only rated to 35A). I can only assume Mpx want to sell more of their own connectors!



I actually use them quite a bit, they are quite easy to solder and being connected to 3 pins each well supported. The other thing with these plugs is although they are quite secure they are pretty easy to push together and pull apart, not like some of the others than need quite a bit of force.

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I have an early FMS Zero and wings have loads of wires for ailerons, flaps, retracts and lights.. Fitted a lipo 6s balance lead extention using socket connected to the fuselage and plug onto wing leads . Very quick and simple to connect . Make sure to buy better quality extension leads as some use really rubbish wire.

They  can be cut and soldered directly to the wires or fitted with plugs and sockets on servos

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