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Keil Kraft Senator - Power Selection

Capt Kremen

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I'm revisiting an old favourite model, built many times down the years, both as a fetchermite and also latter days, the Keil Kraft 'Senator'.

It goes without saying this is a great little model and has been made by many with miniature R/C 'guidance' and electric power too.

(One of mine had a Knight & Pridham KP01 motor as a free flight version).

Now I'd very much like to replicate as near as possible a rubber power style BUT using an electric motor.

i.e. that involves using a fairly large, similar size diameter, slow revving prop.

(Pretty much all the electric powered 'rubber' models I've seen feature quite small, relative to the original, props).

Looking around at available, light-weight motors, probably geared too, can't see much suitable.

What ideas, suggestions can folk give please?

All-Up-Weight, including Motor/Gearbox, LiPo battery & micro R/C gear needs to be close to that of a 'rubber' powered version.



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