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Pilot - RC Slick 67" first look and build

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Next work shop visit will be to set the working surfaces. The manual suggests the aileron deflection as 20 deg with 40% expo, elevators 20 deg deflection, 40% expo and rudder 35 deg with 40% expo as a starting point. Full 3D aeros suggest 38deg aileron deflection & 60% expo, elevators 55 deg deflection & 50% expo with the rudder 45deg deflection and 50% expo. I will report back on the process.

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On 08/01/2022 at 19:21, Adrian Smith 1 said:

Te layout I settled on was as per photo. All of the weight needs to be at the front and as a result I used a bigger RX battery than I would have chosen.IMG_0651.thumb.jpg.2bb729e79879da89a6bd15d106d6de07.jpg


Plenty of room for positioning the RX and switch.




I have entire outdoor planes that would fit in there.......

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Back to the work shop after a week of supervising bathroom fitters ........

Time set the working surfaces. starting with the elevators.





Set them at 25 degs vs 20 degs for "general flying".



Same methodology for the rudder at 30degs (vs 35 deg), then finished the pushrods  with keepers and blue thread locker for the nuts.



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