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Ugly Mustang strip and rebuild, can it be rescued?

Jon - Laser Engines

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10 hours ago, Jon - Laser Engines said:

But, i think there is hope for this one even if i end up replacing most of it. 


It'll practically be a new one anyway, by time you're done!


Cannot do a cluttered workbench. I'm far from OCD about it, it's just the practical aspect, a bench full of junk ceases to be a useful bench and instead becomes a dustbin. And if a thing doesn't have a proper home, it rapidly becomes junk...

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2 hours ago, Jon - Laser Engines said:

True enough Nigel, but in mid battle the place is a mess. After that it gets a clear up


A massively useful tactic from the world of full size is the use of stackable FOD trays (foreign object / debris), anything loose goes in one and they can quickly and easily be stacked out the way; they are used religiously, but then again we also have random bench audits and a bit of a telling off if loose bits are found lying about


in our less professional world, I find empty 2L ice cream tubs invaluable (and as a bonus they come full of ice cream), one or two of those keeps all the widgets for 'the current battle' out of harms way, and makes the bench easy to clear.


I also like the 'build bin' and 'burn bin' system (shamelessly borrowed from the professional carpenters world), they stay handy for big and small (respectively) offcuts to go in.


It's so much nicer not having to clear away before each job!


Sorry. Back to the ugly stang...

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3 hours ago, Jon - Laser Engines said:

True enough Nigel, but in mid battle the place is a mess. After that it gets a clear up


Completely understandable!  But if one's builds are more like wars of attrition than set-piece battles, then tidy ups do need to happen every now and then!


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That is in fairness a 5L tub. A lot of ice cream. I like salt and caramel.


Cut out the gourmand bits, and the 100 liter bin, as a receptacle , does the bench, as in a palm sweeps in the sweepings.


Thats where my 4 mm hex went, or it teleported to his bench. I suspect my 1/16 AF hex followed in sympathy.

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Right then. 


Another day and a half of work has things progressing quite well. 


First, i dug around in my retract box and dug up the old retracts from my galaxy mustang. Although servo operated these will work fine here and it saves me spending any money. Oleos are another story as finding some 170-175mm long to suit 4 inch wheels seems to be a problem. HK offer some at 168mm, but they only take 90mm wheels apparently so that might not work. I will attempt to call unitracts on monday but i dont hold out much hope. 


Here are the units in question. 20211211_171050.thumb.jpg.17906ed8a98d781ef7ea2299d599778c.jpg


With that out of the way i wondered how to fix the wing. Fitting new spars seemed like a right pain so i just used cyano to glue everything back together so it was strong enough to handle and not falling to bits each time i picked it up. I then sanded the front faces of the spars/shear web remains (it should be noted the kit has the shear web grain running spanwise so its virtually useless) and made some new shearweb/spar combo's from some cheap old ply i had in the corner. This ply is the nasty bnq stuff and it was left over from paneling the inside of my shed. I would have used 1/16 brich if i had any, but i dont and i wanted it done so 4mm bnq ply will do the job fine. 




These were then epoxied onto the front of the existing spars




With this done and dusted i made up some new nose ribs from balsa and fitted these 




A dummy retract plate was also knocked up for gear fitting purposes






Once the fit was good these were copied over and reproduced in 1/8 real ply




More adjustment of the plate position was done and light 1/8mm balsa guide rails were tacked on with cyano. The ribs were then epoxied into the wing




and the gear should fit something like this





Plenty more to do but i cant really go much further without the oleo legs so that might put the wing on hold. Not a bit problem, the fuselage still needs more paint stripping 😞 

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