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New Battery Charger and Power Supply

conrad taggart

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Just set this up over the last couple of weeks and I am very pleased with it.  Offers tremendous flexibility (can charge 4 batteries at the same time with different or identical chemistry) at a very good price.   The charger is a Hota F6

The power supply (1500 watt, 25 volt, 62.5 amp) is extremely well put together and provides more than enough power for the charger to deliver its full potential  (250 watts per channel / 1000 overall  -note some chargers require 48 volt power supplies to deliver anywhere near the maximum claimed.   The power supply was supplied by [email protected] and was made and delivered within less than a week of ordering (with the specified xt60 lead) for the cost of £100.  Ian has various threads on RC groups forums for those that want a further look

Might be worthy of consideration for those that want a fairly powerful and flexible charging solution 

Hota f6 cahrger.jpg


psu side.jpg

PSU rear.jpg

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