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C of G Piper Cub

andy paterson

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Hi all 

 I have picked up a Carl Goldberg IC Piper Cub  but have no idea on C of G for this plane, some sites have said 1/3 some have said 1/4 back from LE root, is 11" span is 76 1/2", at the moment C of G is 4" from LE right on wing spar . No one has seen this fly or if did fly  

Looking forward to your relies


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I had an Anniversary Goldberg Cub many years ago and for some strange reason I sold it on. It was a lovely model and I regret getting rid of it now. I do recall that the model flew much better and was more responsive with the CG towards the rearward setting so I wouldn't go for 25% but start at 30% and adjust to taste but with not too much elevator movement. The model wasn't what you might call a 'floater' it didn't like to be dragged in too slow on approach but needed to be flown right down to touch down or things could get messy.

A lovely model that'll fly in most conditions so I think you'll enjoy it.

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