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Pelikan powered glider (from Puffin Models?)? Any info please?

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About ten years ago I got a powered glider from a very good friend in my local model flying club in the South West. I flew it often and looked after it well, even more so when my friend sadly died. It’s not been in the air now for perhaps six or eight years, house moves, separations land other life events getting in the way. I’m now wanting to see it fly again, and feel it’ll be ideal for those hopefully decent summer days we’ve got coming soon. It’s marked with ‘Pelikan’, and  ‘Puffin’ stickers, and was an ARTF as I recall. Would anybody have one where they could give me an indication of control throws please? I’m happy the c of g will be fine, as I’ll be using the same type of batteries (4 cell AA r/x pack and a 3S ~2200mAh flight pack for the esc) in the same locations, but would a starting point for control surface movement please. I do remember it had a decent amount of aileron differential, I had different flight modes set but that’s about it! Thanks! 


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Nice machine.

Puffin refers to Puffin Models - sadly now closed down.

I can't find the manual at the moment but I will keep looking.


I would suggest ditching the receiver battery and run the receiver off the Lipo via the BEC in the ESC.

You will get a crick in the neck way before you run out of battery power.

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I think the model was actually made by a Czeck company called RCM Pelikan. The model looks like one of a series named Filip xxxx, I think this may be a Filip 400. The number 400 referring to the originals being powered by 400 size brushed motors.

Google RCM Pelikan Filip for more info. 

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