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BMFA 100th anniversary world record attempt

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I'm a little torn between going all out for the record or encouraging a mix of participation at our club.  Do we just focus on lobbing numerous paper darts or should we try to fly a normal mix of models typical of the club, with those not confident/competent to fly RC models in a mass attempt making up the numbers with chuck gliders?  I favour the latter which seems more meaningful. I did ask the question but didn't really find the answer convinced me either way...

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Was a very good presentation, well done guys.


@Martin Harris - Moderator I can understand some club members being put off by a mass fly but with organisation, setting out a clear flight plan with rules for joining the circuit etc I think it can work. To ensure that RC models get up in the air in time but not too early we're establishing 3 separate take off areas with models being launched at short intervals (10 - 20 secs depending on how many we get on the day). These will then join the main flight circuit in a 'follow the leader' manner albeit it they can do that at different heights. This has been made a lot easier by the dropping of the video recording of the attempt in that the circuit can now be somewhat larger!

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18 hours ago, Andy Symons - BMFA said:

If anyone wants to find out more about the record attempt and BMFA Centenary and ask any questions there is an opportunity at this evenings In the Air Tonight session.

Click the link below to register to attend.




Hi Andy


Will a recording be available?


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In a mass flight situation with lots of pilots all needing to land at about the same time what is the best way - let everyone land and have  dozen or more models all standing on a small mown strip whilst others are landing  or risk personal injury by going out to collect the models quickly?   Presumably someone has thought this through........

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Pretending to be a politician:

Well, I’m glad you asked me that question.   North Leeds MFC had a dress rehearsal last Saturday and the headline statistics are, essentially, that we had c. 18 uavs airborne simultaneously with no damage recorded.


The actual attempt is scheduled for c. 20 fixed wing plus several drones and all members not flying will be provided with a chuck glider (P51, no messing here) which could get us to c. 30.


I will claim to have had a hand in this and as there may be unrehearsed forumites reading this, I’ll just indulge my vanity by describing the scheme.   At the outset I had an image of 16 planes in 4 tiers, with large powered gliders taking off first, climbing to 600’ via a vario and landing last.   Tier 2 is big petrols at c. 400’, landing second to last; followed by sports planes, Wotties, Riots etc. at c. 200’ landing second, and finally Tier 4 of floaty foamies flying low and landing as soon as the noon hooter blows.   Subsequently it was felt that if four planes could fly in a sensible circular circuit, five or six could.   My main concern has always been landing 20+ planes in about 10 minutes.


Lessons from the rehearsal, which was flown three times:

taking off not an issue provided the pilots were prepared, engines warmed etc

circuits got a bit ragged, probably because it must be difficult maintaining station with so many planes up

landings went well despite an unhelpful stiff 90deg cross strip wind

timing was a lot less critical than we envisaged, because the Tier 1 gliders could have stayed up an hour and the Tier 4 floaty foamies only had to fly round once or twice, then land

definitely needs two flight directors, one in the pits sending pilots out to the pilot box in sequence and one directing flying

airhorn to count minutes down and signal noon essential


Arguably  the major revelation was how much less time it takes to get airborne so instead of gliders going out at 11.50 we’re now down to 11.54, so Tier 4 will go at about 11.58.   Nobody runs out of fuel or battery, thereby deadsticking and blocking the runway although fetchermites need to be available, just in case.   We have ordained full radio checks, failsafe, throttle cut and protocol, to ensure nobody has to retrieve a live plane.   Good job we did, a lifetime member was uncovered with no throttle cut.


Because we are truly rural with horses and crag rats nearby, we are posting horse guards at each end just to warn and request 10 minutes’ grace.   Our surfaced car park will be rammed and we will use a lay-by about 500 yds away, with a taxi to and from the strip.   The club is laying on a barbie post facto and some giddy member has even threatened to provide Nigerian claret and Cote de Nitromors to wash it down,   T’Committee has rightly ordained that Tx batteries will have to be surrendered as a prerequisite.


Hope this helps, glad to answer supplemental questions.


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Andy, is your plan similar to ours?   Strictly sequential landings, taxi clear ASAP into the rough grass if necessary, fetchermites to retrieve dead planes and wreckage under flight director’s strict supervision.


placement of pilots in pilot box may be an issue.   Our glider guiders will retreat 10 yds, petrols will be front downwind, sports upwind of them and the floaties more central.   We have a box near each end of the strip using whichever suits the wind.


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Posted (edited)

Andy, yes I am sure we do!    I wanted to know what other clubs plan to do!   And Bruce has answered that extremely well  with what seems a good plan.


(for those who dont know - Andy and I are members of the same electric only club but we have a particularly short and narrow mown strip.   )



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