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Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/11/2020 09:34:25

I seem to remember a Ridge Runt as well from the 80s, but I don't know if that was from the same stable (or litter!)?


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
19/11/2020 14:01:44

Maybe I’ve just been lucky but I’ve so far always found that balancing the blades in pairs has been enough to give vibration-free operation. I do agree though that checking balance after covering is important. Indeed, sometimes adjusting the overlap area can be enough for that final balancing tweak.


Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
18/11/2020 14:55:30

My turn today. Thanks Glynn, a very generous gesture.


Thread: Fournier RF-4
16/11/2020 16:38:05

Why settle for just smoke? There must be plenty of unsold fireworks going cheap at the moment 😇

Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
14/11/2020 13:21:09
Posted by Geoff Gardiner on 14/11/2020 10:48:58:

Regarding the FMS 4 bladed prop, am I correct in assuming it is the 14x8 version we will be using and not the 17x9?

I hope so, ‘cos that’s what I’ve just ordered smiley

11/11/2020 13:39:33

Thanks Paul. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something (physically or mentally!).


11/11/2020 11:05:12

Thanks Glynn, splendid service.

So, with the aid of Glynn’s shims (sounds like a brand name for I don’t know what?), the FMS prop blades bolt directly onto the spinner backplate. What goes in the middle? I see that, with the FMS plastic 4-blade spinner, there is a circular clamping piece that goes over the blade roots. I’m guessing that with the sturdy alloy spinner backlplate, this clamping piece has been deemed unnecessary, but there is an unthreaded section on the Predator motor’s prop driver that would surely still need a bush or spacer of some sort.

Paul, any chance of a pic of your prop installation with the spinner cone removed?

On the issue of the motor cross mount, does anyone know what the hole spacing is on the back of the motor? I do have a couple of cross mounts in the spares box and I’m feeling lucky today

Thanks in anticipation,


Edited By Trevor on 11/11/2020 11:06:35

Thread: platform migration plans, a 'heads-up' for everyone
11/11/2020 09:16:44

One more plea for making it simpler to add photos without the need to upload to an album. Many forums (e.g. RCGroups) have a simple drag and drop method of adding attachments.

Also, the ability to bookmark or subscribe to a thread without getting hit with a dozen or more emails when a thread goes through an active phase! Again I like the RCGroups model where I can view a list of my subscribed threads that have had new postings since my last visit.

Good luck with the transition!


Thread: Fournier RF-4
08/11/2020 13:30:15

I almost always replace solid tail surfaces with built up ones. Sometimes, rather than pursuing weight saving as a primary objective, I instead permit myself the luxury of using harder (so probably heavier) wood where appropriate, particularly on leading edges which so easily pick up dings and dents.

Thread: Aeromaster
01/11/2020 08:40:06

Yes, I reckon the parts count for the wingtips is over 30, and they all need shaping, tapering or otherwise fettling. They look good when done though.

I still don't really know why I went off the three piece upper wing solution but, once I'd worked out a way of drilling the beech blocks to take the threaded inserts, the new method seemed to come together okay. Mind you, the parts count probably exceeded that for the wingtips by the time it was done!

I'm trying to build a bit of air into the tail surfaces, in the hope that this will give me a bit more leeway when it comes to battery location. I have read of Aeromasters occasionally coming out nose heavy but that was with chunky four strokes up front. I'm pretty sure that my cheap outrunner electric motor will be a lot lighter.

31/10/2020 21:55:10

I never did get the hang of this forum. Let’s try again:



31/10/2020 20:57:19

My October diary entry is now online:


Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
30/10/2020 15:31:40

Great news. Well done Richard and crew. I eagerly await the phone call!


Thread: General Purpose Servo
28/10/2020 08:28:21

+1 for Corona servos. The mounting lugs on some are certainly a weak point but, to be fair, I've only seen them fail after a crash, not in normal use. I do though still have several models with Futaba S148s - and even a few with 128s - still going strong after more than 30 years.

Thread: Will old electric motors ever have the fascination that IC engines do?
27/10/2020 09:19:12

Although I haven't flown with glo or diesel engines since my schoolboy control line days in the 1960s, I do generally agree with the comments made here. However, I thought I'd try to respond to the specific questions posed in the original post:

"Will the Graupner Speed 400 or 600 ever be discussed with the same affection as a Mills 75 or 1.3?"

No, please, no! These 'can' motors were crude, mass produced and not intended for model flying. No surprise then that they were quite unsuited to our needs and are best forgotten.

"Will there be an Oliver Tiger of the wiggly amp brigade? "

Probably not but there are a few candidates for future electric collectors: Some of the specialist engines produced at the end of the brushed era, such as the Astro Flight range from the USA, had real engineering merit. There were also some very nice gearboxes. These specialist items were expensive and produced for a relatively short period so could well end up being collectors' items at some point. As for the current brushless era, I can't see the generic chinese brushless outrunner finding a place on the collectors' shelves but possibly some of the premium offerings from the likes of Hacker just might?

"Will 'brushed motor only' events ever be a thing at Old Warden?"

Only in your worst nightmare!

"Will rumours of a genuine, still-functioning pack of Sanyo SCR nicads spread like wildfire?"

Well, I do have a dozen or more of packs of Sanyo SCR NiCds. . . .. .


Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
24/10/2020 13:27:55

Well done Paul - great to see you back on the case.


Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
22/10/2020 11:03:04

Yes, I did need a little bit of lead up front, using a 3s x 3300mah battery.

21/10/2020 18:57:30

On a 3s LiPo and an 11 or 12in prop, I think that motor should be fine.


Thread: BEC output voltage
19/10/2020 17:11:35

FWIW, in my experience HobbyWing ESCs are very reliable. I have a dozen or more in regular use and have never had any sort of issue.


Thread: Chorus Gull
19/10/2020 16:47:28

Brilliant - congratulations David! Always good to hear of a successful conclusion to a project.


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