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Thread: Converting C/L model to RC
04/04/2020 13:19:32

Probably best not to fit the usual folded up empty balsa cement tube to the r.h. wingtip either smiley

Thread: Motor stutters near full throttle
13/03/2020 17:06:44

Surely the easiest way to check whether the problem is in the Tx (or Rx) is to drive the ESC from a servo tester instead. If the motor throttles smoothly with the tester, it’s a radio problem. If the problem’s still there, my bet would be excess current causing the ESC to complain. Although I have to agree that when I’ve seen this behaviour in the past, it’s usually been down to motor/ESC wiring defects.


Thread: I learned from that.
02/03/2020 10:12:58

The first advice when contemplating building from a plan is usually to 'familiarise yourself with the plan before starting work'. This is a rather vague instruction and so easily skipped over. However, if one has to draw up a wood list, this necessitates close study of the plan which will bear dividends later.

That said, I rarely get a wood list anywhere near right! So what I've learned is always to keep a few sheets of commonly used sizes in stock.

Thread: Class 2 fun fly electric set up.
12/02/2020 09:15:16

Just shows how times have changed! When I built my Limbo Dancer back in the last millennium, it was powered by 16 sub-C NiCd batteries, weighing 2lb. I put an extra rib bay on each wing to help carry the all-up weight of 5lb. It would just about prop hang, flew for 10 minutes of mixed aerobatic flying - and got me through my B test. So, in spite of being somewhat hadicapped by the technology of the day, was still a successful model.

Thread: Super Scale Avro Anson
04/02/2020 09:16:54

The builder of the model featured in the video is on RCGroups under the user name SHK1ECG. I'm sure he'd be delighted to help.

Thread: Making holes through your ribs!
02/02/2020 08:06:10

Do the wires have to go through the ribs?

If the leading edge is meaty enough, you could perhaps slice a strip off the front, then cut a slot in the exposed face to sink the wires into. Re- attach the leading edge then conceal the joint with a strip of contrasting trim - which you did purely to aid visibility of course smiley

Thread: Capiche 50 by Malcolm Corbin
25/01/2020 19:25:26

I built one of these 16 years ago from the RCM&E plan and it is still one of my ‘go to’ models. I did document the build but it was before the age of digital photography so there aren’t as many pics as we are used to nowadays:


Edited By Trevor on 25/01/2020 19:26:17

Thread: Capacity checker accuracy?
23/01/2020 09:07:26

My experience is similar to Keith's - battery checker says 25% left, charger then only puts in about half of the battery's nominal capacity. As others have said, it's hard to be sure how much this is the checker erring on the safe side and how much may be a discrepancy between the label on the battery and its actual usable capacity.

Even so, I do find the checker useful, as others have said, for adjusting the flight timer of a new model.

As for keeping track of which batteries have been used and which are charged, I have for years operated the simple regime of putting a rubber band round the battery when you take it off the charger. Remove the rubber band when you put the battery in the model. This system has a built-in failsafe and has so far proven to be proof against this particular fool for over 30 years!

Thread: CAA registration take-up?
16/01/2020 13:27:07

Well, at least the CAA seem to have taken some trouble to give you a full and informative reply to your enquiry rather than just a minimally-compliant FOI response. It also seems to acknowledge that we model flyers are not a source of great concern to them, which surely is a good thing.

Thread: HobbyKing covering
16/01/2020 13:19:03

Given the parlous state of HobbyKing’s stock levels, has anyone tried the Banggood covering film? The description on their site is uncharacteristically brief, not even explicitly stating that it is a Polyester-based film.

The reviews on Banggood’s own site seem positive but it would be nice to hear directly from anyone who has tried it.


Thread: Dereck Woodward Bigga Bit
09/01/2020 13:45:36

Why not use balsa for the sides, with 1/32 ply doublers on the inside. By cutting strategically placed holes in the doublers, you can get the strength where you want it while still having flexibility towards the rear.


Thread: Ripmax Phase 5e
03/01/2020 11:46:41

Yes, after a few heavy hints, I got one of these for Christmas too smiley. The overall quality is very good but on my example the covering was badly wrinkled, especially on the ailerons and flaps.

I've used Corona servos: DS-939MG in the wings, DS-238MG in the fuselage. I bought them from RC Life. I’ve ordered a motor from HobbyKing but will wait and see whether it fits before recommending it. The Corona servos though are an excellent fit.

More later,


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
03/01/2020 11:33:58
Posted by Dai Fledermaus on 03/01/2020 10:41:21:
Never in the field of model flying has so much been written by so many about so little.

Oh I don’t know. Maybe it’s time for another Mode1 vs. mode 2 debate, or I.c. Vs. Electric, or BEC vs. Battery. . .devil

Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
31/12/2019 08:46:23

Yes, you'll be surprised at how much movement the torque rods will allow. The oleos are a good idea though, if only to reduce the 'bunny-hoppng' tendency when taxiing. On my Chipmunk (not a SLEC one), I cut a piece of foam to fit between the top of the fairing and the underside of the wing - see the last picture on this page. I've still picked up dents in the underside of the wing over the years though!


Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
30/12/2019 10:30:01

Sounds promising Simon. Did you notice it nearly ingested a blanket there!?


Thread: wont start
22/12/2019 09:19:14

Is there a throttle lock switch somewhere which is inhibiting the throttle channel? As Denis says, the servo monitor screen is your friend!

Thread: great service
25/11/2019 17:02:21

Reminds me of the time I ordered some wheels from Puffin Models. John Emms was quickly on the phone to check that the order was right because I’d ordered one large wheel and two small ones. As it happens they were for a motor glider so all was well but like you, I appreciated his taking the trouble to check.


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
24/11/2019 17:11:00

With a bit more motor offset, the rudder trim is reduced but not quite eliminated. I didn’t notice any throttle/yaw coupling and circuits both ways are now okay. Just as well really since today’s wind direction necessitated taking off straight into a right hand circuit. In spite of the gloomy conditions, clubmate Mike managed a few photos:

They’re a bit blurry but do show off the coning angle rather well.



Edited By Trevor on 24/11/2019 17:12:11

Thread: Any clock experts here?
21/11/2019 15:08:51

Are you sure it hasn’t got a striking train that has been silenced? If so, you should still be able to hear the striking train running on the hour for a few seconds.

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
20/11/2019 19:01:54

Thanks Graham. I’ll offset the motor as much as possible without it looking silly and then take it from there. I do have the facility to program a throttle to rudder mix as you describe (Jeti radio) so will bear that in mind.


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