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Thread: Aeromaster
18/09/2020 16:55:37

Wow, that’s a project on a rather different scale!

Good luck with it. I hope you at least get the roof on in the next week or two.

18/09/2020 12:44:05

It’s all gone very quiet here - I hope all is well with you and your Aeromasters.

Meanwhile my build is now underway, starting with the lower wing. I’ll be documenting this with monthly updates on my website but can post a few pictures here too if there’s still interest in this thread.

Looking ahead to the fuselage, I was surprised to see that, on the Super Aeromaster plan at least, there is no former at the leading edge of the wing. Of course, with a relatively small electric motor, the firewall position is also inappropriate so I’ll have to give some thought to former positioning. Of course, knowing where the battery is going to have to go in order to get the cg right would help, but that’s high up on the list of unknowns too!



Thread: The wee bit that joins the elevator halves
15/09/2020 08:29:14

Silver soldering isn't my strength so, since the wire gauge is usually a bit heavy for Stuphedd's twist and drill method, I make the joiner in two halves, grind a flat on the inboard faces of the vertical sections, then hammer on a length of brass tube. The overhanging end of the tube is flattened and drilled to take a clevis, then the whole lot glued together with epoxy. This method has proved very reliable over the years - a few examples below.






Thread: Fournier RF-4
14/09/2020 08:36:53

No, you haven't started. I try really hard to restrain myself from starting my 'Winter Build' before September. This usually means that, during a spell of non-flying weather in August (remember that?) I roll out the plans, start ordering wood, working out what servos, motor etc. I need - and indeed, sometimes preparing a modified building board.

So I've defined the starting point as when the scalpel first hits the wood - so you're even allowed to fondle the laser-cut parts if you have them!

Enjoy the build.

Thread: To stabilise or not to stabilise - the gyro question
09/09/2020 08:40:39

I have found stabilisers (Eagle Tree Guardian) useful in a number of circumstances, most of which have already been mentioned:

i) Smoothing the flight a very lightly loaded scale model (DH Rapide)

ii) EDF hand launch as mentioned above.

iii) Learning to prop hang.

iv) Taming ground looping tendencies (Piper Cub)

I also believe, properly used, they can have a role in flight training but sometimes, in the hands of beginners, they just seem to introduce more complexity and new ways of getting it wrong!

Thread: Ballerina by EarlyBird
04/09/2020 17:47:10

Looking lovely Steve. I too prefer pin hinges nowadays but I have Mylar ones in some models over 30yrs old and haven’t had one fail yet. How long were you planning to keep flying the Ballerina? smiley

Thread: Accident waiting to happen?
02/09/2020 08:52:25

Just to play devil's advocate - I agree it's an untidy jumble and it does look as if a couple of the batteries could easily fall to the ground and potentially get damaged but I don't see any damaged or easily shorted connectors.

So, what exactly is the risk being talked about here?

Thread: 'Great News' !
01/09/2020 15:51:47

Just to make sure - it was amps you were reading, not watts?


Thread: The Alpina is back!
27/08/2020 08:17:49

Hmmm indeed! I think I'll hang on to my 30yr old Alpina Magic I seem to recall that it cost a tenth of the figures being quoted for the new one - but I did have to lash out on four Futaba 128 servos! Some of the white film isn't as white as it once was but apart from that it shows little sign of ageing.

Thread: (Last) Flight of the Phoenix
24/08/2020 22:02:46

Might be nose heavy? You need to establish whether it is pitching up because of the thrust or because of the increase in speed. This is the idea behind the dive test.: When in level flight, just push the nose down into a gentle dive so that the speed increases, then release the elevator stick. If the model pulls out sharply, you’ve established that it is speed that is causing the pitch change, indicating that the model is nose heavy. If however it carries on in a straight line or levels out gently then the cg is right, indicating that a touch of downthrust would be in order. Mixing down elevator with the throttle is of course an alternative.

Good luck


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
24/08/2020 09:38:30

I promised to report back on my 'pitch up on takeoff' issue. I couldn't find a larger nose wheel so, as a temporary test, tried Rich's alternative approach and splayed the nose wheel. I've only managed one more flight since doing that but it didn't seem to be a magic fix.

Rich's other suggestion was to try lowering the thrust line. With this in mind I've managed to source an 8in three blade prop but it is a reverse rotation one. In order to use this, is it as simple as re-locating the motor to the left of the centre line, or will the direction of the blade rotation give problems?


Thread: Ballerina by EarlyBird
23/08/2020 16:33:41

Bob, that was exactly my question when I was recommended Eze-Kote! However, the recommendation came from someone I trust and I have to say the film went on with no problem at all. Oh and Steve, the Eze-Kote entailed very little sanding


Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
22/08/2020 15:20:39

As long as you’re not planning on any aileron/flap mixing, there’s no reason not to flip one of the flap servos and use a Y lead. If you’ve got a spare channel to spare though, it can make setup a bit easier, especially if the servo splines prevent precise alignment of the servo arms.

Thread: Ballerina by EarlyBird
22/08/2020 09:07:01

I never did, for over 30 years. Then last year I was recommended Eze-Kote from Deluxe materials. I used it on my latest build and it definitely toughens up the wood, making it less prone to bruising with the edge of the iron. Too early to say what the long term benefits are though.


Thread: Tools you can make yourself
19/08/2020 21:47:29

Faced with a colour scheme that involved some overlapping of different coloured covering film, I wanted to reduce the risk of trapped air bubbles by perforating the area of film to be overlapped.

With the aid of a piece of double sided adhesive tape, a few pins were positioned on a piece of 1/8in scrap balsa. A second piece of balsa was then glued in place to sandwich the pins, and the whole lot trapped in the vice for the glue to dry. If you’ve got a large area to treat, one or two additional rows of pins could be added if desired. The device does look a bit lethal so I use an offcut of soft 1/4sq balsa as a blade guard.

A picture can be found in the April diary entry on this page: **LINK**

Very crude but works a treat.


Thread: Aeromaster
15/08/2020 10:10:09

Thanks for the reminder Martin. I must admit that having the bolts accessible from the top has a lot of appeal!

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
15/08/2020 08:57:45

I wouldn't drop below 1100kv unless you are confident you have a suitable 3-blade prop available - the normal option of increasing prop size if you need a bit more power is not really available to you with this configuration!



Thread: Aeromaster
15/08/2020 08:51:49

Martin, Nigel, Thanks for the informative responses. I've just noticed a typo in my earlier post - both battery sizes I'm contemplating are 4s. The Stearman uses 4s x 3300mah and has enough duration but I do have two pairs of higher capacity 4s packs that don't get a lot of use (they're used in pairs in a BT Thunderbolt), so would quite like to use these if they don't pose any balance issues. Of course the whole issue of battery location and access is another topic that will raise its head quite early in the build!

The version of the plan I'm looking at at the moment is the Super Aeromaster. I don't plan to do the quasi-radial front end but was attracted by the different cabane/wing fixing method whereby the wing is attached to transverse cabane members. It does entail a couple of heavy, grooved, beech blocks in the wings though which doesn't exactly get the weight budget off on the right foot!

Thread: Extension Leads Problem
14/08/2020 21:37:04

First step must surely to try some better quality extension leads. If these are digital servos, they can draw quite high transient currents which, if the leads are resistive, will cause equally significant voltage fluctuations at the servo end which could account for the juddering.

14/08/2020 17:51:05

When you say the leads are thick, are you sure that's down to the wire gauge not the insulation? smiley

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