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Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
20/08/2019 10:36:42

Hello Mike. A few responses. Hopefully you will get a few more because a lot of the points you raise are matters of personal preference.

Q1. I haven’t measured mine but those movements sound okay.

Q2. Cut and solder.

Q3. I’d like to see some ideas on this. Because mine’s electrified, the servos and receiver occupy the space where the extension leads go and so I haven’t been able to devise a multiconnector solution that would still allow the receiver to be removed.

Q4. If you have any servo covers, the position of the pushrod shroud will probably determine which way round to fit the servo. Otherwise I don’t think it matters.

Q5. Fit and melt - but a bit of cyano wouldn’t go amiss. I have had one of them come loose.

Q6. I don’t do Spektrum. Sorry.

Q7. Mine’s film covered. The only ballast I carry is a slug of lead in the tail to offset the weight of the motor. We tend to fly from more modest hills so I haven’t felt the need for more weight.

Q8. I don’t do varnish!

Q9. The Hammer’s no thermal soarer so you’d need some good thermals to make aerotowing worthwhile. It is good fun though.

Q10. I used the supplied snakes with the integral nylon clevis at the rear and 2mm threaded adapters & metal clevises at the servo end for adjustment.

Q11. Yes - as long as you don’t expect to get clear and unambiguous answers


Thread: What is the minimum slope for a slope soarer?...
17/08/2019 18:10:38

Are your flatlands anywhere near the coast? It’s astonishing how much lift you can find off sand dunes on the right day.


Thread: Moon landing
21/07/2019 18:46:22

“Just on the Van Allen belt too I read that travelling through this radiation would damage the eyes of anyone who passed through it. Apparently all the Apollo astronauts developed cataracts....wink 2

I guess that proves that I must have been on a space flight and then had it wiped from my memory. Maybe The conspiracy theorists are onto something. . .

Edited By Trevor on 21/07/2019 18:46:47

Thread: Middle Phase AGAIN
18/07/2019 19:20:32

David, As far as I know there are no plans - the model was built from a set of printed instructions.

The wing section is the same on both versions so you can convert your wing by cutting out the ailerons and taking away the dihedral.

The Middle Phase is a good general purpose sloper but definitely not a thermal soarer - bungee launching is unlikely to be a rewarding experience! Equally I don’t think it’s a good candidate for electrification.

Sorry if this sounds negative but if you convert the wing as described I’m sure you’ll enjoy it off the slopes.


Edited By Trevor on 18/07/2019 19:21:29

Thread: Wings and Wheels 2019
01/07/2019 19:08:11

I’m always reluctant to be critical of these events, mindful of all the time, effort and, in some cases, expense that so many people put in to make them happen. However, I was at the show on Saturday for the first time for many years, leaving shortly after 3pm. And will offer my two penneth.

First some positives:

The trade presence was impressive and the traders seemed to be doing well and managing to retain good humour in spite of the heat.

The pilots who flew did an excellent job in keeping the display going. The wind wasn’t particularly strong but was pretty much across the runway and clearly causing problems for many. I’m sure they were exhausted after the two days.

The commentary was generally good, supported by an excellent PA system that was clear without being ear-bashing.

The inclusion of the boats and cars does add some additional interest to the show.

The only really negative for me was that, despite the positive comments above, I found the display flying rather ‘samey’ - lots of warbirds and aerobatic models, punctuated by very occasional solo slots of true display models.The latter were much appreciated but overall, the show lacked variety and inspiration.

Personally, having travelled150 miles to the show,I really don’t want to to see a lot of models that I can see at my local clubs, I’m there to see something different that might inspire me, in turn, to do something different. That doesn’t necessarily mean huge superscale models. There are so many aspects of the hobby that were not represented, e.g. autogyros, gliders (self launched or aero-towed, edf (in fact very few electric models of any sort), vintage. I don’t think I even saw a flying wing and, with the exception of a couple of the jets, no canards and very few multi engines scale models.

The inclusion of the drones was arguably an attempt to include something representing the future of the hobby, but there was nothing particularly forward-looking on the main display line. For example nothing showing off what the modern stabilisation technology developed in the drone market can do for fixed wing flying, whether for helping beginners, enabling the modelling of otherwise seriously unstable prototypes, or just helping more ordinary models cope with windy and gusty conditions - as typically experienced on show days!

Anyway, none of the above is meant to be at all critical of those who worked so hard on the day (and had to do it all again on Sunday!), but maybe in future years a bit more thought could be given at the planning stage to building more variety into the display programme to try to jolt old fogeys like me out of our rut!


Thread: Prop selection for glow to electric conversion
29/06/2019 20:54:24

I don’t know if it helps but, to understand the differences in behaviour of electric and I.c. motors, particularly when it comes to propellers, you might like to think of it this way:

Power out of a motor is torque x rpm.

An i.c. engine approximates to a constant torque device, so to get more power out of it you need more rpm, hence reduce the prop size.

However, an electric motor (for a given battery voltage) is essentially a constant rpm device, so to get more power out of it you need more torque, hence the need for a larger prop.

This effect arises from the way that input power (volts times amps) translates to output power (torque x rpm) in an electric motor. Rather counter-intuitively, voltage determines rpm (which is why the kv figure for motors is so significant), and the current (amps) relates to torque. So, when you fit a larger prop, the motor still tries to turn it at the same rpm but needs to generate more torque to do so, and this results in the higher current draw.

Does that help at all - or just confuse the issue further?!


Thread: Wings and Wheels 2019
29/06/2019 08:17:37

I’ll be there today. If there’s a large green fishing umbrella blocking your view please come and say hello before lodging your complaint 😇


Thread: lattice frame fuse
25/06/2019 19:46:49

Too late for you this time but you can avoid most of that issue with the diagonals by fitting them as you go rather than waiting until all the verticals are in place.


Thread: CAA CAP 1789
21/06/2019 14:16:08

This clause gave me some hope:

“Model aircraft
Additional provisions are made within the regulation to cater for operations, including registration and remote pilot competence, under the framework of model aircraft clubs or associations under a separate authorisation that can be negotiated with, and issued by, the CAA.”

That seems to keep the door ajar for a pragmatic solution. I just hope the will is there to achieve it.


Edited By Trevor on 21/06/2019 14:16:40

Thread: RPM Conundrum
09/06/2019 20:16:50

Could be some variation between the motors but more likely differences in internal resistance of the batteries.

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
03/06/2019 09:04:01

Thanks again Rich. That's put the Revolver up to the top of my 'probable next build' list. I'll no doubt be back with more queries once it's underway. Don't hold your breath though. . .


01/06/2019 19:57:53

Thanks Rich, most encouraging smiley

Thread: lipos not fully charging?
31/05/2019 21:53:25

Methinks it’s time to replace your balance board smiley

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
29/05/2019 08:23:26

Rich, did you ever get round to testing the Panther blades on the Revolver? I'm seriously contemplating building the Revolver and, being a lazy so and so, not having to make another set of blades would probably swing the decision!


Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
27/04/2019 08:46:27

Hello Mike. There should be a short length of (2mm?) carbon rod in there somewhere for the incidence keepers. If not, piano wire will be fine. They are indeed living hinges and should not be cut off! The hinge line does though need quite a bit of cleaning up to obtain sufficient flap movement.

The joiner is correct. I don't know why they leave the spar box so over-large.

If it helps, my build is here:

Have fun,


Edited By Trevor on 27/04/2019 08:47:10

Thread: Examiners Workshop?
08/04/2019 21:56:16

I went to one last year as an instructor (I’m not an examiner). It was useful in clarifying what the examiners are looking for and I’m sure that the examiners attending would be more consistent in their assessments after attending the workshop.

It was interesting that at the beginning of the day when assessing an example A test flight, I sensed an element of competition between some of those attending - ‘I spotted something you missed’. However by the time we assessed a B test routine later on, the comments seemed rather more measured and realistic. So, I’d say a worthwhile exercise.

Thread: Flyer's Sea Hurricane Mk 1B
28/03/2019 21:29:16

I’ve got a magnetic switch in mine (see **LINK**   It is stuck to the fus side with tape and works fine through the wooden side. Make sure you position the switch behind some identifiable spot on the outside so that you don’t end up stroking the magnet all over the fus groping for the switch. In my case I hoped that I’d be able to use the bull’s eye as the magic spot but, as things have turned out, I have to wipe the bull’s backside. . .


okay, I’ve had three goes at getting rid of that smiley that’s meant to be a bracket. I give up!

Edited By Trevor on 28/03/2019 21:29:59

Edited By Trevor on 28/03/2019 21:31:09

Edited By Trevor on 28/03/2019 21:32:53

Thread: Matt's renaissance build
28/03/2019 07:46:12

It is indeed looking good. Not sure about the heat treatment it appears to be about to undergo though devil


Thread: Linkage rod to horn connection
28/03/2019 07:38:33

I've epoxied those threaded ends onto the wire in the past without problems. Only on electric models though so I can't vouch for how well they would cope in a high vibration environment.


Thread: Cyanoacrylate safety
27/03/2019 19:51:43

I too have the same delayed reaction that others have described. I try only to use the odourless variety now, which has its limitations but at least doesn’t provoke any unpleasant symptoms.

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