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Thread: Valdez Stol Record breaker build blog
01/07/2020 17:41:31

I had one model that behaved like this. You may find that it will turn right if you back off the throttle. If so, try a smaller propeller. A bit more right side thrust might also help but reducing the torque is better than fighting it!

Thread: 62 inch WS RCME plan Spitfire
28/06/2020 19:43:15

I’ve used LiPos in series many times: 3s+3s, 3s+4s, 4s+4s. I do still use the old Anderson Powerpole (aka Sermos) connectors which makes it really easy.

28/06/2020 16:28:47

Just harking back to the battery discussion, if you don’t want to buy batteries solely for this model, you could always buy a few 2s packs of the same capacity as your 4s ones. You could then use 4+2 in the Spitfire but get further mileage out of the 2s packs on 2+2 formation in your 4s models.

Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
27/06/2020 16:18:08

Nick, Looking at the geometry of that aileron bellcrank, I reckon it’s going to give you more down travel than up. You might want to consider using a 60degree bellcrank instead of the 90degree one.


Thread: Glider Tug Advice Needed.
22/06/2020 15:15:45

I agree with all the above. The tug pilot’s main job is to maintain a steady climb rate in order to keep the line taut. The glider pilot must keep the wings level at all times, especially during turns. If he feels the line is tending to slacken, it’s better to deploy a bit of airbrake rather than wrestle with the elevator.

Thread: The Lockdown Restrictions Have Been Relaxed. Who's Been Flying?
22/06/2020 11:46:59

Gave up? From the look of the picture, ‘nodded off’ might be more accurate! smiley

Thread: Panther Trainer Autogyro
20/06/2020 17:53:41

It was the Rolls Royce of gearboxes back in the days of brushed motors, with the advantage that, by changing the drive pinion, you could fine tune the gear ratio to the propeller you were using. This fine tuning was much more critical to successful flight in those days. See here for a couple of examples of them in use.


I seem to recall the colour scheme of my Panther was based on someone else’s so by all means use/copy/amend it as you wish.


19/06/2020 22:10:41

Ooh, it’s a long time since I saw an MEC gearbox!

Thread: Shrink Film Covering Technique
17/06/2020 12:19:27

Best to cover the fairing separately. The golden rule is that a planned joint in the covering is always far less conspicuous than wrinkles so resist the temptation to do too much in one piece!


Thread: Aeromaster
16/06/2020 10:37:35

I know just what you mean Nigel. When mentoring a former engineer who had come to aeromodelling late in life, I struggled to get across the difference between building to a plan and building from a plan!


Thread: Shrink Film Covering Technique
15/06/2020 17:31:11

I had a recent project where an overlap was unavoidable. A very crude home made perforator worked surprisingly well. Details on this page (you’ll have to scroll down)


Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
10/06/2020 08:36:53
Posted by Nick Somerville on 10/06/2020 08:12:31:

I have been pondering a bit about the operation of the inner gear doors. In theory I believe these should open prior to gear down and then close again.

Where did you read this? The P51 works like that and I was looking forward to doing the same on my P47 but the pics I have seen of them on the ground have the inner doors open. I'd much rather have them closed, if only to minimise the risk of handling damage.


Thread: Lidl Auto Gyro Glider
09/06/2020 19:12:56

Looks like fun! Why do you need the wings?


Thread: Lipo charging, an unforseen danger
08/06/2020 20:31:49

Sounds like a balance connection problem to me. Could be internal to the charger, the connector on the charger, ditto on the balance board if you are using one, or internal to the battery. It sounds like when you re-seated the connector the charger was able to read the cell voltages correctly. Until you did that, it wouldn’t have known it was overcharging the cell.

So, if you are using an external balance board, I’d replace it. If you are connecting the balance lead directly to the charger, then it’s time to buy an external balance board! Either way, I doubt there’s a problem with the charger itself.


Thread: Ivan Pettigrew's Mosquito 480 build.
05/06/2020 17:02:46

Coming along nicely. It’s an Ivan design so it will fly beautifully. We’ve yet to hear of one that didn’t!


30/05/2020 20:43:21

It’s just got into orbit. Due to be visible here about 10:10pm, chasing the ISS, about 5min behind

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
28/05/2020 16:44:26

Looks like a very interesting subject. From the opening shot on that video, I can’t see any trace of a main spar through the cockpit so the struts must be really earning their keep on the full-size! For the model, with a slight fudge, it looks like a wing joiner tube could be fitted immediately behind the instrument panel to avoid reliance on the struts.

I look forward to seeing this one take shape.


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
27/05/2020 12:35:40

Thankyou both. As you say Rich, a bigger nosewheel would be the simplest mod to try, so I’ll report back when I’ve had a chance to try that.

27/05/2020 08:17:47

I flew my Revolver 2 again yesterday (standard version, none of this daring 'look, no tail' stuff!). I'm happy with the setup once it's airborne but the takeoffs are still hairy. The takeoff run seems to continue well beyond the point where the rotors are up to speed. Then, when it does unstick, it rears up sharply. So far it has survived unscathed (I think I push both sticks fully forwards) but it is rather alarming.

I'm wondering this is a technique failure on my part or whether there is a simple cause of this behaviour (too short a nosewheel perhaps?)



Edited By Trevor on 27/05/2020 08:18:19

Thread: Gary's Brian Taylor P-47 build
18/05/2020 22:08:17

Always good to see another of these being built. The build diary for mine is here: **LINK**

It is electric powered and film covered though, so arguably not a traditional BT build.

A first attempt at onboard video here: **LINK**

I must have another go at it sometime with a more secure camera mount.

Enjoy the build.


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