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Thread: speed 400 x 3!
29/10/2019 08:21:42

There's a review of this on my website:

Junkers 52 Review

I'm happy to try to answer any other questions but it was 24 years ago and my memory isn't what it was!


Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
28/10/2019 16:38:25

Okay, this morning saw the second foray with the Revolver. With the battery re-located rearwards by a couple of inches the hang angle was reduced from 18 to 15 degrees. No other changes were made. The full flight report is in my updated online diary (scroll down to October entry): **LINK**

Having just flown the Panther and the Revolver back to back, one clubmate remarked that, although the Revolver seemed to fly very nicely, it lacked the (to him pleasing) 'thwack, thwack' from the rotors. I must confess that the auditory side of things wasn't really commanding much of my limited mental capacity at the time so I can't corroborate this impression but can only imagine that, since the blades are very similar on the two models with the Revolver being a pound and a half lighter, the blades just aren't having to work so hard. I did get the impression that the head seemed to be a little 'lazy' - maybe I should put the RPM sensor on it some time and try to confirm this. If this is an indication that the blades have lift to spare, maybe there would be some merit in trying some thin shims after all, with a view to getting the head speed up a bit and aiding the initial spin up?

Anyway, meanwhile, congratulations to the designer chappy on another winner!



Thread: NEW POLL - do you use a throttle kill switch?
26/10/2019 15:21:17

Before the days of programmable transmitters I used to advise trainees to lock the throttle off by means of a rubber band attached to the Tx handle and pulled down behind the Tx, then looped over the stick. This may still be an option for anyone unsure about the programming of their transmitter.

26/10/2019 10:35:51

Yep, every time. The Tx won’t fire up unless the throttle is locked off. And by using it on every model it becomes part of the routine to lock the throttle off after flight.

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
23/10/2019 22:00:22

Thanks Rich (and Chris and Graham too). The blades have no shims. This decision was based on experience with my Panther where it was vastly improved by removing the shims. I took care when shaping the blades to keep the leading edge low, which I suspect is the key to shimless operation.

A quick play today established that moving the battery back by about four inches is enough to move the hang angle through the recommended range so I’ll put it somewhere in the middle for the next attempt. I’ll keep you posted!


22/10/2019 19:50:13

Well, my Revolver is finished - colour scheme inspired by Steve J’s example.


I took it to the field today, the main aim being to see if the head would spin up without any shims under the blades. With practically no wind, it took a long slow takeoff run but the head got going and it did its first brief hop. There was no sign of any rolling or instability so I brought it back for another go. Again the blades spun up okay and it lifted off smoothly. However it immediately became clear that I was holding the stick hard back to hold the nose up, so I settled it back on the ground again. Apart from that, it felt very stable, albeit for a flight of what must have been all of three seconds!

Im pretty sure that the head angle is set more or less right (at right angles to the mast). The hang angle is though at the upper end of the recommended range i.e. on the nose heavy side. So my plan is to move the battery back an inch or so, extend the pushrods slightly then have another go.

Any other suggestions or recommendations.


Thread: Battery retention methods
20/10/2019 07:58:14

A ply retaining plate, with a pad of foam glued to it. press the plate onto the end of the battery, then rotate or slide it to engage in suitable slots cut into the sides of the battery box.

The downside of this method is that if your batteries vary in length at all you'll have to carry a few additional bits of foam to take up the variation.


Thread: Motocalc or Ecalc?
17/10/2019 20:56:34

Geoff, I agree. I used ElecriCalc (also off a 3.5in floppy) back in the brushed motor/NiCd days, when sorting out a viable power setup was much more critical than it is nowadays. However I can’t remember when I last used one of these programs.

I keep a note of the setups on each plane I’ve got and when building something new, can usually find a previous model which can give me a good enough guide to pick out a suitable battery/ motor/prop combo. Truth is, modern brushless motors have such a wide efficiency band And LiPos are so much lighter than the old NiCds that it’s not so tricky as it used to be. Also, with so many motors to choose from, it must be hard for the writers of the calculators to keep their databases up to date.

Thread: Martyn's Chippie RCAF 671
17/10/2019 15:28:53

Congratulations on the maiden Martin! I’m sure the stress levels are in direct proportion to how long the model has been in build.


Thread: Motocalc or Ecalc?
17/10/2019 08:12:53

There's also Drivecalc:


Thread: Servo power-up movement
11/10/2019 10:20:03

Whilst I agree that a power glitch of some sort is a likely cause, have you checked whether the failsafe settings are consistent with how the model behaved when it crashed?

Thread: BMFA 'B' Test Video Available
09/10/2019 15:34:49

When I’m having trouble with screwing out of bunts with a particular model I often find it helps to roll inverted and enter the bunt from the bottom. I then let the model carry on round and do two or three consecutive bunts before levelling out at the top. This seems to re-calibrate brain and thumbs and I can then usually make a better job of it when entering from the top.

Thread: Göppingen Gö-1 Wolf
06/10/2019 11:57:35

The short answer is yes, lots have been built. I personally have seen five, as well as Chris’s prototype. My build thread is here.

Thread: Guess the fault
04/10/2019 08:35:54

My money would be on the tailwheel steering servo pulling the battery voltage down when the rear of the fuselage is knocked. Could be a faulty servo or high resistance anywhere from battery to receiver.

Thread: A Terrifying story
01/10/2019 16:11:25

Well, you didn’t expect her to walk all the way home did you?

Thread: Revolver Pusher type Autogyro trainer
01/10/2019 10:23:54

Thanks for the response Cuban. Interestingly I’ve been given a can of Tamiya Smoke by a car racing friend. I’m usually a disaster area when it comes to paint so any tips you have on applying it would be much appreciated. I was thinking of masking the outside of the canopy with cling film in the hope that it might make it easier to see how the colour is building up. However I’m not sure how to hold the canopy open to spray the inside.


01/10/2019 09:39:11

First monthly instalment of my Revolver build diary is now online:



Thread: Have You Ever Noticed...
24/09/2019 14:33:42
Posted by Martin Harris on 24/09/2019 10:37:01:

Something odd going on with your ailerons or a clever bit of montage?

Martin, The ailerons do go up in a questionable attempt to help with landing, so it’s possible the shot was taken during a ‘go around’.

Old Geezer, thanks for your comments. Maybe I’ll have to christen my Hurricane ‘Dame Edna’?!


24/09/2019 10:31:12

I’m a paid up member of the ‘awkward squad’ too, which is why my Hurricane looks like this:



Thread: Indoor model anybody?
13/09/2019 20:12:51

The V911 is much easier to fly than any helicopter was ten years or so ago! It is also much cheaper and more robust, but not unbreakable. The easiest helis of all are the ones with two contra-rotating rotors but many of these have a control layout that doesn’t relate well to ‘proper’ helicopters so they are not such a good intro as they might seem.

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