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Thread: HobbyKing Why did I order from HobbyKing?????
26/02/2019 09:38:57

if youy don't like Hobbyking then don't use them, your the customer, you choose where to shop, just don't try denegrating them because of one bad situation, there are lots of satisfied customers on this forum including me.

you pays your money and makes your choice, as they say

Thread: ebay postage help please
19/09/2018 09:09:41

if the item is valuable, it needs to be insured, Royal mail special gets my vote too.

small low cost items i usually send via recorded delivery, can't claim they have not received item, a big scam on ebay.

Thread: Operating a servo from a transmitter switch
06/08/2018 08:53:35

with regard to servo movement, it will be at one end of it's travel with the switch in one position and the oposite end of it's travel when the switch is operated. once you know what the total travel is, you can adjust the linkage to suite the travel you need. it may also be able to set the travel limits in the transmitter. most modern computer TX,s can do this via on screen menu.

Thread: Flea Fli RCME July issue free plan
31/07/2018 09:01:53

i remember the Bar Flea from the 70's very well, built a couple, used OS25, could land it at my feet every time.

Best of the range though, in my opinion was the Slik Fly, mid wing design, very smooth and flew like a dream on a 60 motor.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/07/2018 18:43:11

no one is advocating breaking the law, for most it is just carry on as normal, THEY have to prove you broke the law, not the other way round.

from the general tone on this posting.......... we're doomed capt Mainwaring, we're doooomed....

18/07/2018 13:52:31

lets have some common sense here, IF there are aircraft flying over or near your club field then you have a responsibility to fly carefully/safely or not at all untill the hazard has passed. IF there are no aircraft anywhere near then what is the problem?

IF the authorities want to check your height, they would have to stand on virtually the same spot in order to triangulate the height.(short of regulations forcing models to carry telemetery equipment to monitor height and I doubt that will happen.)

IF there were ever to be an accident with a commercial or private aircraft, then it beggers the question, should that person have been flying his model anyway?

Stop the doom mongering and get a dose of common sense.

Stop blaming drone users (that is ALL of us if you bother to read the blurb).

Just carry on as normal.

18/07/2018 08:59:14

how do you tell if you are flying above 400ft?, how do the authorities tell?

who is going to police it?

police do not have resources to tackle phone theft, burglaries or a lot of other crimes, policing drones (model aircraft) is not going to be a priority.

remember, the authorities have to PROVE you were flying above 400ft.

for most club flyers i doubt it will be a problem anyway.

07/06/2018 19:37:02
Posted by Rich too on 07/06/2018 13:28:08:

Drones can be gliders, multi rotor, or whatever. I agree with that. However, drones can easily be distinguished and there is a definition of a drone - and I certainly do not fly one.

Sorry! but if you fly anything, then you are flying a drone. The definition of a drone is somewhat academic as the term is now SUA (small unmanned aircraft) aircraft - an aeroplane, helicopter, or other machine capable of flight.

Which is why we find ourselves in this position. The powers that be have gone down a path that is not to your (our) liking because to define the term drone is impossible to do and still not exclude any current model flying style.

They have chosen to go down the route of least resistance, and who can blame them (apart from us of course )

weather you think a drone is a quadcopter, which is what most people think of as a drone, then what about tricopters, hexacopters octocopters, bicopters (helicopters)?

So! lets try using the number of propellors, a Drone (quadcopter) has four props, what about a scale model of a four engined bomber?

To exclude ANY of the current model types is an impossible task, which is why it is an all inclusive description, it has to be, there is no alternative.

What needs to be done is that our national bodies weather it is BMFA, LMA or whoever else need to try and mitigate as much as possible the effect on the day to day model flyer.

But lets not kid ourselves, the proposed legislation WILL have some negative impact on this hobby.

How much, we will have to wait and see.

Thread: Hi all
04/03/2018 11:16:37

Hi everyone, sort of returning to the fold, started flying in the 60's with a Macgregor single channel valve tx, eventually after much prevarication and home built kit like galloping ghost, bought a Stavely 3 channel kit. Absolutely superb bit of kit that got me really flting, also had a flight link (3 axis)single stick kit, again very well built. i then made Terry Tippit Micron tx and a couple of rx's which i still have (ch 77) and it all works!

then ham radio, marriage, mortgage , kids, Archery etc put paid to all that fun.

started model engineering when i retired 5 years ago, but suddenly got the urge, as it were, to have a go at building a quadcopter (hate the term drone!).

got a DJI E300 motor kit (Ebay), S500 body kit (amazon), Naza M V2 (Ebay) and a Flysky I6S from Hobbyking.

All ready to fly now, just waiting for some decent weather.

also now thinking of a 250 fpv racer!! trying to learn how to fly using FPVFreerider (did not realise how hard it is, I do now!!!)

still, all good fun (I think!)

Thread: End for Maplins?
04/03/2018 09:48:33

just clicked on the link to Bardwells and would you believe it, the guy in front of the counter is me. Used to use Bardwells a lot, especially in the 70's and 80's. Guys behind the counter were great, always had a laugh.

I remember them gluing a pound coin to the floor in front of the counter, and laughing at the antics of customers trying to pick it up discreetly.

It was at its best when the old man ran it, loads of army surplus gear.

Lots of good memories, sad to see them go.

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