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Thread: Great Service - But!
17/08/2018 15:26:55

I don't doubt any of that, David, and clearly there are any number of appalling and unambiguously unacceptably bad environmental disasters occurring in the world in which we live.

But the original scope of this thread is one delivery from one distributor. In fact the primary purpose of the post was to congratulate HK on a great delivery time. The comment on the packaging was somewhat incidental.

So I accept that.

It doesn't generalise to acceptance of all the other examples you have cited.

Thread: Anyone interested in a Nats meet-up?
17/08/2018 14:14:56

I proposed a family weekend at the Nats for the bank holiday...

My wife proposed a family weekend walking in the Peak District for the bank holiday...

I'll send you a postcard...

Thread: Great Service - But!
17/08/2018 12:48:46
Posted by David Mellor on 17/08/2018 11:59:02:

The reason I ask is to do with the psychological implications. Surely if a particular proposition is accepted then its very acceptance defeats any further mental effort to help change the proposition?


As I've previously pointed out, I think you need a more robust definition of 'accept' before anyone can answer that question. Is it possible to accept something that is unacceptable?

This isn't just semantics. The degree of acceptability is a sliding scale, not black or white.

Edited By The Wright Stuff on 17/08/2018 12:49:05

17/08/2018 09:18:44
Posted by David Mellor on 17/08/2018 09:09:23:

I think that what this thread illustrates so far is that most of us think that waste (in all its various forms) is being adequately dealt with.

Some of it is, thankfully.

But far from all of it. Much of it (all of the gaseous carbon compounds) isn't.

That wouldn't matter, except for the fact that what escapes into the environment is causing serious damage to the environment that sustains the lives of future generations.......but, it is cheaper and easier to pretend all is well as it is.

Well, I stand corrected in terms of landfill. I know we export waste, but I had assumed that the landfill was a safe bet at the destination. Do you know whether it would still be profitable for the destination countries to accept waste from us if they were forced to dispose of it in a manner that addressed the environmental concerns?

16/08/2018 16:51:28

David, I agree completely, but we are talking different scales.

By, 'we', I mean you and me, the modeller, who buys a few bits from Hobbyking now and again. I could try to specify biodegradable packaging next time I place a Hobbyking order, but I doubt it will have any impact! So, the choice we have is to buy or not to buy. We change our lifestyles by not buying it, if no alternative currently exists.

If by 'we' you mean 'mankind' or 'governments' or 'global manufacturing chains', then yes, I agree with you...

16/08/2018 15:27:49
Posted by Neil67 on 16/08/2018 14:28:11:

I think that's where I started - however others defended its creation as being acceptable.

Difficult to summarise this debate without broadening the topic, because we all seem to be looking at different aspects of this.

I would attempt to reconcile by saying that 'acceptable' is quite ambiguous here. Yes, plastic is polluting our oceans, it is not desirable. However, it is a price we have to pay to live the lifestyles that we do. If we don't like it, we need to change our lifestyles. We can't have the best of both worlds.

In the context of the shipment of modelling items from China being negligible in their polluting effect compared to the billions of mainstream items: food, electronics, clothing and cosmetics, I would say that a small amount of excess plastic packaging on a relatively small number of items from a globally small supplier is a reasonable price to pay.

If we accept that it is a price to pay for the goods we receive, then yes, we have to admit it is acceptable, although perhaps not desirable.

16/08/2018 13:44:58

Well, the OP is rather specific to how HobbyKing over-packaged one particular delivery. Given the inclusion of a photo, there wouldn't be much to discuss unless we broadened the scope at least a bit...

My own experiences with HobbyKing are that, in the main, the packaging has been proportional to the size and fragility of the goods, and I've ordered a whole spectrum of things from battery connectors to ARTFs...

16/08/2018 13:19:12

That's the spirit of exploration!

Thread: Sweet sweet epoxy resin.
16/08/2018 12:27:26

I'm sure you know this already, but you asked for 'best adhesion'. This isn't exactly the same as setting hard. If the tail snaps off under heavy load in flight, it won't be because the glue itself fails, it'll be because the top surface (fibres) of the wood pull away from the rest if the glue is only on the surface. The best way to get a strong bond is to roughen the surface a little and use a low viscosity epoxy so it can soak into the surface a little. I'm wary of the Araldite in tubes because I find it quite thick, but the syringe packaged stuff seems to be a bit thinner, so I'm sure you'll be okay.

Again, sorry if you knew all this already! If you've got this far through a 1/5 scale warbird then you probably know what you are doing! Don't forget some pics when you've finished.

Thread: Flaps
16/08/2018 09:58:35

Absolutely try that at home!

[with a suitable model, of course]...

Thread: Sweet sweet epoxy resin.
16/08/2018 09:52:09

Agreed, that's why I asked about materials in an earlier post.

+1 for aliphatic rather than epoxy.

To glue wood, I use wood glue. Clue's in the name!

Thread: Some advice required please :)
16/08/2018 09:34:45
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 15/08/2018 00:52:29:

... but why would you? There's zero satisfaction or challenge and, after marvelling at the technology (which is impressive), you'd never fly it again with it switched in.


I think it's worth considering that attitudes and expectations change with the times, not just the technology.There's no challenge in watching a TV programme, but people get plenty of satisfaction from it.

If someone just wants to watch a model fly, with the opportunity to increase their participation in the flight gradually over time, then fine by me...

Thread: Great Service - But!
15/08/2018 16:06:49

Supermarkets. Driven by the public who expect their desired product to be on the shelf whenever they wish to purchase it.

15/08/2018 15:40:11

Posted by Rich too on 15/08/2018 15:29:13:

Why are we still using plastic bags when paper is perfectly fine.

There is certainly a move in that direction where possible, and I for one always reuse and avoid waste where I can. The answer to your question, though, is that paper is not always perfectly fine. Food waste, for example, would be massively increased if we banned plastics altogether...

Thread: Sweet sweet epoxy resin.
15/08/2018 15:35:19
Posted by Geoff Peacock on 15/08/2018 15:32:19:

Longer cure = better bond.

Up to a point, yes. Although it also depends upon the materials being bonded, and the initial viscosity.

15/08/2018 15:29:29

What materials are you gluing? Wood?

Thread: Flaps
15/08/2018 15:19:55

Posted by Piers Bowlan on 15/08/2018 15:04:21:

The more cambered section (inboard) will stall at a lower airspeed than the tips so the tips of the wing will tend to stall first as they have a less cambered aerofoil. That is my understanding and is what I experienced when I instructed on C152s many year ago.

I agree that we often see that effect in practice, but it still isn't a completely satisfactory explanation. Another way of explaining it, I guess, is that when you lower the flaps, the additional overall lift provided can be partly offset by reducing the angle of attack, whilst still maintaining a net increase in lift coefficient (and hence slower stall speed*). In turn, this reduces the AoA of the tips, making them less likely to tip-stall than without flaps.

In that way, the tip-stalling behaviour is attributed not directly to the position of the flaps, but the resulting AoA that is presented by the flap-elevator trim.

*yes, yes BEB, I know...

Thread: Great Service - But!
15/08/2018 15:04:36
Posted by Nigel R on 15/08/2018 14:11:57:

"current media attitude towards plastic is totally overstated, scientifically speaking."

on balance it may not be a bad thing for the press & public to be concerned about wasting stuff and environmental issues, etc.

Yes, that's a very valid point, and one that applies to all sorts of big current issues, climate change, population growth, etc. Does the end justify the means?

I have to contend with this type of dilemma on a daily basis in my day job. Do I spin results in a direction that reinforces the desired decision, or present results at face value in the hope or expectation that they will be correctly interpreted. As a scientist, I tend to do the latter.

Thread: Flaps
15/08/2018 13:24:22

Is that 'milking' the approach?

Thread: Great Service - But!
15/08/2018 13:05:47

The current media attitude towards plastic is totally overstated, scientifically speaking.

I'm not saying it's a myth, but the amount of plastic in plastic bags, bubble wrap, and packaging materials, is actually very low. It uses negligible natural resources [compared to other uses for oil], and does very little harm when it ends up in landfill.

[I accept that it is much less harmless in the sea or dumped on the roadside, but educating people to dispose of it correctly is a slightly different topic].

The environmental cost of moving it around is totally dominant, and hence packaging something sufficiently to ensure that it only has to do the journey once could be seen as a 'net win'...

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